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Backlinks Do I Need to Buy?

If you’re planning on boosting your SEO campaign, you might be wondering how many backlinks do I need to buy. While backlinks aren’t the only way to get people’s eyes on your site, they’re an essential part of a successful strategy. Backlinks are valuable because they allow you to rank higher for profitable keywords. However, you can’t afford to buy every single backlink that you see.

Quality Over Quantity

Hive19 is always advocating quality over quantity when buying backlinks for your website. Quality over quantity is the most important SEO tip of all. Unlike with link building, this strategy is not as time-consuming and requires less work. Instead, focus on creating high-quality links for your website and building your brand’s reputation. As a result, we’ll recommend quality over quantity in all of our backlink strategies.

Building branded backlinks

Building branded backlinks is a powerful marketing tool. Not only do they help your website attract more traffic, but backlinks also lend credibility to your content. When someone clicks on a link on another website, they are already predisposed to trust your content because they’ve just visited a reliable website. If you build your backlink profile and exercise its power throughout the sales funnel, you’ll reap the rewards.

Getting links from high-authority sites

Backlinks from high-authority websites are a green light for your SEO strategy. After all, links from real websites have traffic and should be indexed by Google. If they are not, they will have no effect on your ranking. So how do you get links from high-authority sites? First, think about what you can offer these sites. Leave comments on their blogs and make yourself known.

Getting links from sub-pages

The best way to get links from sub-pages is to use sitewide navigation. This will show users what the most important pages are, so the more links you have, the more prominent your subpages will appear in the search engine results. Subpages should be listed in niche directories as they make deep linking to them easy. Then, you can place links from your home page on the main sub-page.

Getting links from power pages

Power pages are integral to any ongoing SEO campaign. One powerful piece of content can change the trajectory of your career and business. Brian Dean, one of the most influential SEO experts in the world, is one of the best examples. If your content is valuable enough, other websites will link to it and your rankings will climb. However, to maximize the potential of these backlinks, you must first create a power page.

Backlinks Do I Need to Buy?

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