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Best Dog Grooming Tips And Tricks

One of the most exciting experiences in dog owning is when you have to make your dog look great. However, for some, dog grooming is a daunting task.

Imagine you have to cut, trim, bathe, nail cut, and brush the dog. You don’t even have the time to do them on yourself! 

Well, people who treat dog grooming this way are certainly those who do not take responsibility for their pets. Of course, you are not one of these people, are you not?

To keep your dog in its perfect and groomed condition, the following are some helpful guides you should consider:

Understand: If you previously own a Labrador and shifted to a Tibetan Terrier, you realize you need to do some grooming routine. Why? Because different dogs require different grooming techniques.

What you should do is understand the breed of your dog. Learn about its history and characteristics. Then, you should know from this information the proper grooming techniques you should do as well as the right living environment it deserves. 

Prepare: Certain breeds require frequent grooming. Some breeds require once-a-month bathing. Some breeds require everyday coat brushing. These things must be expected. There is no better way to fail your dog grooming than by not preparing for it.

From this important information, plan, prepare and allocate time to bring your dog to a dog grooming shop. Or, make a schedule on when to groom your dog on your own.

Invest: Taking care of a dog can be comparable to taking care of a baby (of course, you get 4 legs instead of 2, among lots of other things). You need to provide full attention during the first months and constant care in the following years. Along with this is the fact that you should invest in tools and dog supplies your dog needs to maintain a healthy living.

Tools such as toenail clippers, brushes, combs, de-matting tools, dryers, shampoo and conditioner, flea removal, and dog food. Allocating a budget and investing in these things is very important in dog grooming and keeping your dog healthy.

Learn: Grooming your dog does not stop once you follow the things given above; you should improve your knowledge about your dog and try to learn more things and techniques on how to groom your dog properly. You can buy books or read articles about how to groom your dog.  

Groom: After you have understood your dog, prepared yourself, invested in the tools and supplies you need, and learned more about the particular grooming requirement of your dog, then it is time for you to do some dog grooming.

All these make up one thing: taking good care of your dog. You remember that the characteristic of the owner can manifest in the way the dog is groomed. 

Many would agree to this. And it would be best if you were as well. If you see a dog with mats everywhere, you often regard the owner of that dog to be irresponsible.

So better make sure that you give proper care for your dog and be mindful of the things that are needed to keep your dog in good shape. 

After Finishing at a Dog Grooming School, Then What?

For a very long time, man has made dogs their companion whether at work, at home, or for sheer fun. But only recently do men have given their dogs his full attention.

This is with introducing dog grooming and dog grooming importance. And from that point on, man has provided their pets with whatever pampering is available for them to ensure that their dogs will stay happy, healthy, and clean.

Thus, the establishment of a dog spa, and of course, before that, is the establishment of the dog grooming school.

Every dog grooming school aims to produce top-class professionals that can provide dog grooming services for every dog owner across the country. And every dog grooming school provides the right curriculum to ensure that once their students finish their course, they will become very competitive in dog care.

But where exactly will you end up the moment you finish from a dog grooming school?

The first is becoming a pet care professional. Since there is a rise in demand for pet care professionals, you can establish your name and start a career in pet care. Equipped with the right training, you can excel in this field. Take note that numerous dog shows showcase the skill and creativity of dog care professionals. Who knows? You might be the next big thing in this field.

Finishing a course at a dog grooming school will also take you to become a professional bather. Bathers are those who brush, bathe, and dry dogs to prepare for grooming and styling. Bathers are hired in dog salons, boarding kennels, and veterinary offices.

A dog groomer is another profession you can enter. The tasks of groomers are similar with bathers plus creating styles and trims on several dog breeds.

If you are creative in making styles on any dog breed, becoming a stylist would be a distinguished career. Here, you can bring out the true beauty of dogs and show their expression through your style.

Salon managers are in demand today. If you have the right credentials to become one, you have a splendid chance of getting hired. Here, you can share your managerial skills and your dog grooming skills.

If you want to establish a pet grooming business, finishing a course on dog grooming school is essential. This will equip you with the right knowledge you need to succeed. Becoming a salon owner is another option you can have.

Aside from these, other professions you can do after finishing dog grooming school are handler, handler assistant, breeder, dog walker, trainer, boarding kennel owner, boarding kennel manager, boarding kennel assistant, and pet daycare owner.

If working with the man’s best friend is your passion, enrolling in a dog grooming school is for you.

However, if you don’t share an interest in entering the dog grooming profession and only want to learn more about dogs and take care of them properly, you can also enter a dog grooming school.

This only proves that everyone can enroll in a course and end up with a greater understanding of the dog’s characteristics and how to take care of them with love, care, and dedication.

Dog Grooming Supplies Your Dog Must Have

Taking care of your dog does not stop once you have made sure that you provide it with a sufficient supply of dog food and a nice place to sleep, as most people would understand.

Thus, taking care of your dog goes beyond the usual conception of the term “dog care.”

Dog care means providing everything your dog needs from food, shelter, healthy environment to dog grooming supplies.

You might ask, “Why are dog grooming supplies included in dog care?” Like you, your dog needs to remain clean and free from disease. Indeed, food, shelter, and a healthy place for your dog to roam around will keep it safe.

However, these 3 do not make sure that your dog will live a healthy life. Because all these 3 are external factors, it lacks one aspect of protection. That is protection from the self. What does protection from the self mean?

It means maintaining a well-groomed body starting from the ears, nails, teeth, and coat to keep disease and other forms of harm away from your dog.

Here, dog food and pleasant shelter are not what your dog needs. What your dog needs are dog-grooming supplies especially made for them.

Starting with dog shampoo. Let us get this straight: you cannot use your shampoo on your dog. Why? Because your dog’s coat requires a formulation different from your hair. Human shampoo is just too harsh that could irritate if used to your dog.

Therefore, buy your dog with its shampoo. There are several brands of dog shampoos available for your pet, but ultimately, they all work with the same purpose: to keep the coat of your dog clean, healthy, and shiny.

Dog shampoos are, of course, not enough. It would be best to get a dog conditioner to achieve further the dog’s coat quality you need. Again, there are several types of god conditioners. Choose one that fits your dog’s type of coat.

After bathing, your dog should need to be dried. Your dog can have its blow dryer or towel.

For tangles and mats, use brushes and combs. There are different dog brushes and combs.

If these two do not remove tangles and mats, the de-matting tool will certainly do the job.

Your dog’s ears should be checked periodically. This is especially important if your dog’s breed has dropped ears since it is more susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections. Check your dog’s ear at least once a week. There is no tool required for inspection, but cleaning cotton damped with warm water is enough.

Dog’s nails should be cut every 2 or 3 weeks. Scissors-style nail clippers or the guillotine-style clipper will do the job but be careful about using them. There are different sizes available if you will purchase any of the two to fit your dog’s toenail size.

Trimming your dog’s coat is important in keeping the dog’s look neat and maintaining the coat healthy. Use a clipper, shears, or scissors.

For tick and flea problems, you should have tick and flea removal products. There are several of these Bio-Spot, Frontline, Advantage, Sentry Pro, Frontline Plus, K-9, and Advantix are some of brands you can choose from.

But remember that tick and flea removal products differ from one another. What you should buy is the type that your dog needs.

Dog Grooming Tips

Keeping your dog clean and healthy is the most important thing you should know once you have owned one. 

The following are some tips you need to remember:

Dog grooming, a vital aspect of dog care, is not limited to bathing. Like humans, dogs need to be cleansed. Dogs need to be cleaned from the tip of their nose to the end of their tail. This covers the ears, teeth, coat, nails, and of course, the whole body. 


For ear infection can be very painful to your dog (it sometimes lead to permanent hearing loss), ear care is one dog care procedure you should prioritize. To know if your dog is suffering from an ear infection, look out for the signs of odor, redness or swelling, head shaking, and constant scratching.

To clean your dog’s ear, take a cotton ball, put a small amount of mineral oil or warm water on it. Clean the flaps and the opening of the canal. 

Check your dog’s ears twice a month. The inside flaps should be pale pink. Watch out for any black, brown, or red skin inside the flaps and ears. If you spot some, take your dog to a veterinarian for an examination. 


Clean your dog’s teeth with a soft-bristle toothbrush at least 2 times a week. Use toothpaste specially planned for dogs. Tooth brushing will prevent cavity build-up and would prevent periodontal disease. Dog toothpaste is available widely in dog supply shops. You may also want to seek for veterinarian’s help on cleaning your dog’s teeth. 


For different breeds, the frequency of brushing and trimming varies. 

For dogs with long, thick, coarse, or straight coats, daily brushing and frequent trimming are required. 

Dogs with smooth coats require weekly brushing. They can be washed occasionally. Dogs with this type of coat are Dachshunds, Labradors, and Dobermans. They are some of the easiest dogs to groom. 

Dogs with wiry coats have dense, stiff hair that requires daily grooming. This will prevent matt’s build-up. 

Short Coat Dogs

German Shepherds and Welsh Corgis require at least twice a week of brushings. Dogs of these kinds may have a straight surface, thick hair combined with downy, profuse, and water-resistant hair near the skin.

Dogs like Poodles, Portuguese Water Dogs, Irish Water Spaniels, and Kerry Blue Terriers have an extremely waterproof and non-shedding coat. Bathing and clipping may be done twice a month.

Silky coat dogs like the Yorkshire Terriers, Shetland Sheepdogs, Rough Collies, and Afghan hounds require daily grooming, much care, and regular trimming. 


Keeping the nails clean is another important dog grooming practice you should know. You can use either a scissors-style nail clipper or the guillotine-style clipper. Both will work best in keeping your dog’s nails neat.  


Bathing frequency depends on the breed of your dog. Unlike humans, dogs don’t need to take a bath every day. This is because they would lose the natural oil needed to keep their coat shiny and clean. 

The normal bathing would be twice a month. Make sure you brush the coat to avoid tangles. Use a rubber mat to keep your dog from slipping. Use warm water and dog shampoo, and conditioner. Rinse your dog thoroughly and dry him with a towel or hairdryer.  

Dog Grooming Tool Must-Haves

Dog Brushes

One of the most important dog grooming tools you should have is a dog brush. This is especially true with long-coated and fragile dogs that need regular grooming to keep their coat neat, clean, and tangle-free.

However, short-coated breeds also need some brushing to keep their coat clean as well.

There are so many types and kinds of dog brushes available, and choosing one should depend on the type of dog you have. You can choose from plastic brushes, metal brushes, and soft and hard ones. 

Dog Combs

Untangling accumulated coats from your dog, especially on the parts of the ears, tail, and paws, could be done with the help of dog combs. Like dog brushes, there are several types of dog combs.

You can choose one depending on your dog’s needs, but the rule stays the same regardless of what type of comb you have. Use the instrument carefully to avoid hurting the dog’s skin.  

De-matting Tool

There are limitations to what brushes and combs can do. One of these is removing matt and even preventing matt from your dog. The de-matting tool will do what brushes and combs could not. The de-matting tool breaks up matt concentration into smaller pieces to make it easier to remove with a brush or a comb. 

Dog Nail Clippers

Another important dog grooming tool is the nail clipper. This tool will keep the dog’s nails look clean and trimmed. There are 2 types of dog nail clippers: scissors style nail clippers and the guillotine style clipper. Both work effectively well. The two designs come in different sizes to comply with every dog’s size and age. 

Dog Clipper And Blades

For some, dog grooming means having a dog clipper and blades. God owners love to talk about their clippers, for it signifies that they maintain the grooming of their dogs. Some dog clippers have permanent blades, while some have changeable ones. It depends on you, however, to choose between the two. 

Scissors and trimmers

To keep your dog in-style, dog scissor is a must. Several types of dog scissors are available: curved shears, straight shears, thinning shears, and blunt-tipped shears. To know how to use these tools properly, you can read articles about a particular topic. Dog training schools and programs also include lessons on how to use dog scissors properly. 

Bathing Equipment

Dog grooming tools should not be limited to combs brushes and trimming tools; they must also include bathing equipment.

There are several types of bathing equipment today, but the most important things you must have are shampoo, conditioners, blowers or dyers, and showers.

Special blowers or dryers and showers for dogs may not be important anymore if you already have these things at home.

However, since the formulation of human shampoo and conditioner is different, it may irritate your pet. Thus, you need to invest in dog shampoo and dog conditioner to keep their scalp and coat healthy and clean. 

Among the optional dog grooming tools include grooming tables and cage or stand dyers. Grooming tables come in hydraulic models, stationary or electrical versions. Cage and stand dyers are more popular in dog spas. Accessories are also available for grooming tables. 

Grooming Your Pure-Breed or Mixed-Breed Dog

There are some restrictive rules on grooming a particular breed, just like how to feed or take care of it. But there is one similar thing that applies to all. 

And that is: every dog requires total body grooming. So, disregard the name Dorgis, Peekapoo, Labradoodle, Schnoodle, Beagle, Jack Russel, Labrador, Rottweiler, and Yorkshire Terrier because they are all dogs. And all of them need to be groomed just the same. 

How do you groom your dog then?

There are two ways:

The first thing you should know is that you can let professionals do the grooming for you. There are countless dog salons and grooming shops across the country. You can surely find one in each city where your dog could comfortably fit in. 

Professionals charge between $20-$50 (or more) on each service. The cost, of course, depends on the type of service your dog had.

Each dog grooming professional has a specialty. One could be good at trimming, while the other is good at bathing, but there are lots of dog grooming professionals who can do everything. 

Dog grooming shops have specialties as well. And prices depend on the service they offer. Some shops charge cheap, and there are those that charge a lot. Depending on your budget, decide where to take your dog. 

Price, however, is a great determiner if the dog grooming shop is good or not. But this does not mean that if one shop charges a small fee, it serves badly.

The same thing goes with shops that charge large free. The task for you then is to weigh the service, facilities, staff skills, expertise, and location to pinpoint your particular shop. 

The second is by grooming your dog on your own. Grooming your dog should be done carefully and properly. You should know the right way on how to groom your particular dog since different dog breeds should require a fresh approach and grooming frequency.

Books and internet articles are two rich sources of information about proper grooming. Learning from these could be very helpful. 

The good thing about grooming your dog is that you somehow create a special connection with your pet. Grooming your dog on your own is more than just a physical connection but an emotional and psychological one as well. 

At first, you need to invest in the different dog grooming tools you need. Your dog should have its comb, brush, de-matting tool, and nail clippers. You should also invest in dog shampoo, dog conditioner, and dog toothpaste.

Although you have some initial cash-outs, it is cheaper in the long run since you don’t have to visit a dog grooming shop and spend for the services they give to your dog twice or more each month. 

Your dog, whether it is pure or mixed-breed, should be groomed depending on its requirement. And as an owner, it is your primary responsibility to take care of your particular dog properly.

Dog grooming is a must. That’s the very first thing you should realize. The task might be expensive and time-consuming at first, especially if you are a novice dog owner, but it will prove rewarding in the long run. 

Best Dog Grooming Tips And Tricks

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Best Dog Grooming Tips And Tricks

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