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Best Romantic And Elegant Wedding Theme

So, your fiancé has already proposed marriage. Yes, the one big day you have waited all your life for. And now, thoughts are flooding your mind.

So You are Thinking of a Garden Theme Wedding

Who’s going to witness your wedding? What will be your wedding gown? What will be the general décor of the celebration? Where would you celebrate it?

These questions would most likely need careful pondering and planning. If you want to trim down your problem towards a specific concern, begin with choosing your wedding theme.

The wedding theme would provide the carefully selected and sometimes pre-determined motif of both the ceremony and the reception. This way, you will no longer have to risk non-coordinated wedding plans. Well, you can always save yourself the trouble of planning by hiring professional wedding planners. But wouldn’t it be nicer if, after years of marriage, you will look back to your wedding day and bear with pride that you were the brains behind your big day?

One of the most common wedding themes that are used these days is the garden wedding theme. Most couples opting for this option are those with common denominators such as love for serenity and simplicity, appreciation of certain romantic occurrences such as the blooming of the flowers, and the sunrise and sunset.

Not that garden theme wedding is limited to people with these attitudes. But it is to give you the general idea of a garden wedding theme.

So long as there is a lovely garden and some people to organize a wedding, there will always be a garden wedding that would be celebrated. Traditional and modern approaches towards garden theme wedding could be used.   

There are endless options for a garden wedding theme. If you know someone who has a lovely garden, you could ask them to organize the wedding with you. But to save you from some troubles, you could always rent a botanical garden, any rented lakeside location, or any establishment that prides itself on its collection of natural beauty. Remember to book your location months before your wedding to ensure the availability of the place and the coordination of the entire plan itself.

Garden wedding colors are not among the major things you should think about. Since gardens have a shower of various hues, you could always take advantage of the splash of colors to enhance your wedding motif. 

Traditional wedding dresses are usually made of shades of white or cream. However, you also have the option of choosing any color for a change. Ensure, however, that your choices of colors would maximize the overall garden wedding theme. Any fabric could be used, though, yet breezy fabric would best suit any time of the day.

Also, consider that it would be more romantic if you would not be wearing any footwear on your wedding day. However, compensate for this with the subtle grandeur of the wedding dress. A simplistic approach could best do this with touches of elegance on the general cut and designs of the wedding dress. 

Other concerns could be wedding favors, invitations, table arrangements, backdrops, pillars, flower arrangements, and food. In any part of your wedding theme, be sure to integrate some of the most natural components you witness occurring in a garden.

Las Vegas Theme Wedding: Breaking Ground with New Options

And so you fell in love with the Sin City… and found the lady or the man of your dreams? Why not celebrate your wedding in the city that brought you together?

It is a common notion to get married in Las Vegas-style! Whether you want to tie the knot in the city itself or celebrate it somewhere else by recreating the place and turning it into a Nevada city, all you need to have are some handy ideas.

Of course, it would be far too different to conduct the ceremony in Las Vegas and in a venue you have recreated. Thus your best choice is to fly to Sin City and get wed.

There are so many chapels in Las Vegas that you could choose from. The place has already become synonymous with weddings. No wonder there are a couple of companies specializing in Las Vegas theme weddings, starting from the reception to wedding gowns and other things you should worry about.

While some hands could help you, it would still be ideal if you plan for your wedding and follow the plans you have conceptualized. Probably, you might need some help with booking the venue and other external concerns, yet you must deal with your wedding details to make it more meaningful and one that is worth keeping in your memories.

First, you must decide the colors of your theme and begin building the concepts from there. Common colors that work well with this wedding theme are red, white, and black. However, you must not limit yourself to this selection. How about more experimental choices? Try something different, pastel colors may not be that too popular, yet they would undeniably create a difference in design and effects.

There are various locations in Las Vegas that could affect your choice of a general concept of a theme. You don’t have to follow what other people have already done. If you are going to get married in a church or chapel, wear the traditional white wedding dress and the formal tuxedo. But since you have many locations to choose from, you can start picking up some ideas for attires and costumes from the particular venue wherein you would conduct the ceremony and reception.

One that is truly popular in a Las Vegas theme wedding is the use of playing cards. If you are fond of card games or have already incorporated this component into your theme, why not use them and maximize their use in the entire ceremony and throughout the reception?

However, you must not limit your idea to this typical notion. As we have stated earlier, you could use some new concepts. Again, don’t be afraid of the process. Your new concepts might not initially appeal to your guest or your family, perhaps yet so long that they work well with your plans, then why not recreate the general design of the Las Vegas wedding.

However, if you are to celebrate your wedding reception in a casino, your best bet for a Las Vegas wedding theme is something that would be formal and sophisticated with the elements of a true Las Vegas wedding- cards, dice, and gambling games.

Princess Wedding Theme: A True Display of Royalty

One of the most common wedding themes nowadays is the realization of a girl’s dream. Most ladies during their childhood dreamt of having their castle, a wardrobe of magnificently created royal gowns, a crown that signifies her royalty, and a luscious garden wherein she could continue her wishful dreaming.

On your wedding day, why not live her dreams into reality?

While most would wish for a royal princess wedding, too few could truly throw such an event since there are needs for extravagant spending. Remember that without the touch of royalty and opulence, your princess wedding will never look real.

Your reception will matter in this kind of wedding if you can afford to rent a historic castle complete with a luscious and carefully manicured lawn. Then well and good.

But if this is too ambitious and very unaffordable, the next best thing would be a grand ballroom hall with high ceilings, an impressive staircase, outstanding chandeliers, and a long, red carpet to walk on during your entrance into the ceremony.

And since it is every girl’s dream to look like a princess, you must answer this by furnishing a traditional ball wedding gown. This must be made with a full skirt and a fitted bodice that truly appeals to a princess-like royalty.

Grace the gown with fine detail of lace, pearls, and other decorations. Your excellent choice of a train is the cathedral as this possesses splendor which members of the wedding party must carry.

Also, select a diamond tiara with a long veil trail to add to the air of luxury. Match this with a pair of carefully selected elbow-length gloves.

The bridesmaids must also be dressed in floor-length gowns that would much a fairytale’s image of ladies in royal attendance. Richly colored satin dresses with a fine addition of gloves and bouquets will help give more emphasis to a princess theme wedding.

To help set your guests’ mood, you can make use of a handmade paper invitation with a colored wax seal that posses your initials to secure the envelopes. The programs, however, must be made with engraved letters as well. This could best be rolled and tied as to resemble a royal invitation from the renaissance period.

Seal the air of a princess theme wedding with a royal dance through the music of classical composers, especially those who have focused on court waltz. It would be best to play music throughout the entire reception.

However, it would still be best if you allot a budget for a string quartet. Like the princes and princesses of old age, you can reminisce about your wedding by remembering how the guests looked upon you on your first graceful waltz.

After which, allow your guests to take pleasure in the royalty you have set before them. Arrange your wedding reception program in a way that everyone could enjoy the night away through music and food.

End your night with a glorious exit. Hire a horse-drawn carriage and a tuxedo-clad driver to carry you towards your honeymoon venue.

Years after your wedding, you will find pleasure in looking back to the day you have lived out the very wishes you have dreamt of since your childhood.

Spring Wedding Theme: A Perfect Idea for Your Wedding

There are only four seasons in our part of the world. If you plan to get married, choose the best one for your concept.

Winter appeals to lots of couples, and so does autumn. Summer has also become a hit, but the most favorite since time immemorial has always been the spring.

There is no need for a further introduction to how beautiful spring is; after all, we have already witnessed the magnificence this season could provide.

So, what is our idea of a spring theme wedding?

The first thing you would want to do is decide what features you would most likely take advantage of this season. Then build your general and specific concepts from there. Here, we will help you discover the pointers you have if you choose a spring theme wedding. 

When are you planning to have your spring wedding?

Well, there is much to see during spring, and many of us have our favorites. Each phase of the season has its advantages and disadvantages. To plan with picking the exact time of the season, you would want to get married.

Do you love the budding of the flowers amidst the floral abundance, or are you more like the sunshine-after-winter personality? Or would you rather have it later during the season when the summer is about to close in? There are far too many wonders this time of the year could give, and each wonder would help you emphasize the occurrences surrounding you and the event you have waited all your life for.

It will be a great idea to get in time with the Easter season to be married in the church. Or, if you are opting for a more traditional look, you must book your tuxedo and gowns in advance before the high school prom gets in.

What do you want to wear?

Couples getting married during this season are more likely to wear the usual dresses, gowns, and tuxedos we see year-round. This is because spring calls for not-so-rigid-looking attires and not so soft-looking ones. It’s just right around the middle. 

Something breezy and light, and very versatile would be perfect for a spring wedding theme. You can have a sleeveless top with a balloon skirt matched with a wrap to keep you warm if the weather becomes chilly. See that your bridesmaids and other attendees are also provided with dresses that provide the same comfort. Remember that the weather could be very dodgy with being so hot or cold.

There are too few issues with colors. But typically, brides are looking for more vibrant ones that project the hues of the season.

Get around the idea of using pastel colors, though, since this is becoming dreadfully and overly popular. A splash of colors from your guests would also be a good option. Allow your bridesmaids to choose their colors and the groomsmen their own choice of tuxedos. 

Just be reminded, though, that all must have something that would coordinate them. There would be nothing wrong with not following the spring wedding theme entirely because you will be keeping the air of diversity alive by doing so.

Tips on Putting Up a Victorian Theme Wedding

Planning a Victorian-themed wedding is something that requires careful preparation and the willingness to shed money.

Since you would need the bygone day’s factors, you must also be careful with your choices of ideas to follow your decorations, attires, favors, invitations, and others.

In this article, you will find some useful tips to help you set the Victorian mood on your big day.

Choose between an overall Victorian theme or a mere resemblance of the Victorian era.

Foremost, you must decide if you will go all out, or you will choose certain elements in your wedding that would match with a Victorian wedding theme. For example, you could use the theme with your attire but not in the decors of the reception area. But of course, it could still be better if you’ll incorporate the theme into each component of your wedding. But this would call for some excellent investments since you will have to rent or buy the components you would be using. Say accessories from this era. 

Choose the wedding venue

Remember that among the biggest factors towards achieving a true Victorian-themed wedding is the place of the ceremony and reception. The best option you must look into is an actual Victorian house or inn where the era’s spirit is left for preservation and eternal existence. 

But in the absence of this, you could always look for a Victorian-inspired inn or a chair marked with classic Victorian styling. You could also consider a garden as your reception only ensures that this would be accessorized with plant arrangements and garden designs typical of this period. 

Ensure also that there is a grand chandelier to witness your wedding day. Without this, your wedding would never be Victorian. But, if you prefer not to use a chandelier or two, you might look into the option of setting luxurious candelabras for a more casual look.

Choose your wedding attire

Victorian-styled wedding gowns have always been pure white with high necks and long sleeves. This style is elegant indeed when combined with a pair of lace gloves and a sixpence in the shoe. Keep jewelry into their barest but don’t forget to add a brooch at the neck or a veiled hat to keep with the Victorian flavor.  

The groom would look best with a cutaway tuxedo and exceptionally large boutonnieres. You can also ask your guests to wear something Victorian in style. To keep the flavor oozing, we suggest that some pictures be made black and white.

Choose your wedding cake

Intend that your wedding cake be elaborately designed and majestic. An imposing image of a cake would surely stress the whole theme. Orange blossoms have always been a favorite topping, but of course, you could look for newer flavors that would emphasize the merging of one tradition with that of another.

Choose your wedding favor

Rosemary is among the most favorite Victorian wedding favor. This could be delivered in so many ways so long as the basic feature is the rosemary. Victorian frames and teacups would also be smart choices for a Victorian wedding favor. 

What’s so nice with this theme is that you could let your imagination play with the possibilities presented by the era. A little research will help you see more of the possibilities. 

Tropical Theme Wedding: A New Look at Wedding Celebrations

The warm breeze, the damp sea wind, and the seashore’s magnificence are surely great splendors only found in the tropics.

No wonder there are too many couples wishing they could throw a wonderful wedding celebration amidst the tropic’s uniqueness.

Romance… spelled with a capital R! That’s what a tropical theme wedding is. No more, no less.

How about doing a sunset wedding ceremony? Or do it as the sun rises, perhaps? How lovely it would be for the groom to see tears from his bride’s eyes painted with the colors of the sky during the sunrise. Or the bride is seeing the joy radiating from his partner’s aura amidst the roaring surf of the sea and the backdrop of colors from the morning sun.

From the strands of hair driven to air by the wind or the little creatures that crawl the shore. The air of the celebration and the festive feeling is seen on everyone’s face. Everything about a tropical theme wedding is utterly romantic. So why not make one yourself?

There are simply lots of ways to fashion your tropical wedding theme. The trick, though, lies in the subtle simplicity behind the elegance of each wedding celebration.

You could go anywhere from wacky to formal when following a tropical wedding theme. You could choose to wear Hawaiian tops and downs or a stylish bridal gown and tuxedos. There are no boundaries so long as you love how you want to deal with your wedding theme.

A tropical wedding theme is something that you would go after when you strengthen the foundation of your family ties. There are no especially strict rules when celebrating it, and it could give you no hassle for attending to all the people involved.

This is true since the tropical atmosphere only calls for a free-flowing reception, an easy-going attitude, and a carefree approach towards everyone and everything involved.

It is, overall, an alternative approach to weddings and extra emphasis on the honeymoon. Tropical theme weddings are more likely celebrated in honeymoon destinations and are more or less very intimate affairs.

For those who are more comfortable sharing their big day with closely knit family and friends, this type of wedding might serve you best rather than throwing a grand, formal celebration.

Whether you bring all your guests to a special destination or celebrate in a local beach resort, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the way you carry things to win them over your side.

Also, there is not much to bother with clothes and the venue itself since the more simple it gets, the closer you approach the elegance with simplistic approaches.

You can have your bridesmaid wear breezy dresses that would help them move a lot easier than giving them stiff clothes typical with cathedral weddings. The groomsmen could wear beach attires or semi-formal tuxedos, depending on the general theme of the wedding.

But, with a tropical wedding theme, you can get the best for less without having to follow unbending traditions and unnecessary rules by following your notions and ideas of what a wedding must appear like.

Want a romantic wedding celebration in style and simplicity? You must go for a tropical wedding theme.

Types of Cakes for Theme Weddings

People are becoming obsessive with wedding themes these days. It would be almost unbelievable if a new couple would not use a theme for their wedding.

What’s so fancy with wedding themes is that you could customize the look and sometimes even the nature of the ceremony itself. From wedding favors to dresses and cakes, you could select any theme and match each one of these to maximize the effects and feel of your special day.

It would be awkward if not all major components of your wedding would coordinate, given that you have selected your theme. Thus, our first recommendation is that you find the most suitable type of wedding cake with your wedding theme so that you would further actualize the loveliness of your selected motif.

This article will discuss three of the most common types of cakes used in most themed weddings.

Traditional wedding cakes

Wedding cakes are normally coated with ivory icing and are characterized by a multi-layered cake design. The elegance of this type of cake is gathered from its pillars and icing.

While this has been the trend since who-knows-when, we still could not negate that the traditional designs could still bring out the best from a wedding theme, even those of the modern-like ones. 

Victorian wedding themes mostly benefit from traditional cakes. With the elegance and grandeur of this wedding cake, Victorian tradition lovers would surely opt for a cake that could be typified with this era. One that displays luxury, majesty, and sophistication.

Traditional wedding cake designs would also apply to flower wedding themes. Such cakes would be typically incorporated with flower and fruits designs instead of plain icing and candy flower decors.

Contemporary wedding cakes

This type of cake opened new alleys for creating more adventurous and less traditional styles of cakes. In fact, with the continuous trend towards newer ideas in weddings, people have also found new ways of creating and recreating wedding cakes through contemporary designs.

Typically, such designs would only apply for non-traditional wedding themes such as Disney land wedding theme or those of the fairyland wedding theme. When talking about contemporary designs, the list of types could be endless. From pillar to the castle and even wonky cakes, you will find every single design a lot different from the other. When your wedding theme requires the use of non-tiered or ivory icing-laden wedding cake, you could always look at the option of using contemporary ideas for cakes.

The variations come from both the inner structure of the cake and the finishing touches. A single component removed could mean so much when it is added. For example, a moon-shaped wedding might need a few touches that would further stress the entire result.

Alternative wedding cakes

Whenever someone says alternative cakes, the first thought that could come into your mind is a picture of an out-of-this-world cake design that is not tied with a normal perception of cakes but falls more into the category with experimental features.

This option is best for couples considering new concepts about their wedding themes. Wedding themes such as country wedding, beach wedding, princess wedding, and star wedding are among the most typical categories that fall into this type of wedding cake. 

Deciding a Wedding Theme

No matter where you are in the country, you will all agree that a wedding is both an exciting and stressful event to plan. But there is a way to undo this belief: decide a wedding theme. 

This can certainly increase the excitement and lessen the stress since the theme will define everything you need for your wedding, from dresses to the accessories, from cakes to the foods, and from invitation to location. 

  • So how should you decide what wedding theme to choose?
  • Consider your personality and interest. This is the best way to pull a theme out of nothing. If you both love the sea, then consider a beach theme wedding. 
  • If you both come from the West, then a Western and Country wedding theme will suit both of you. 
  • If you have a different cultural orientation, then why not pick one traditional wedding ceremony? 
  • If one of you is from the military, then a military wedding would be impressive. 
  • Or, if the bride likes fairy tales, then why not consider a fairy tale wedding. This will certainly give another meaning to the word “happily ever after,” right? 
  • Wedding themes that are based on your favorite movie could be another idea you can consider. 
  • NASCAR wedding theme can be an excellent choice too. 

The fact is, there could be thousands of different wedding themes you can choose from. It is up to both of you to decide which one will describe your best.

If you have, for example, made a list of different wedding themes but could not pinpoint which to you choose, then consider the time of the wedding. Sometimes, it is good to know first when to get married and then decide which theme is perfect for that season. 

There are particular wedding themes during spring and summer, such as the winter and fall. If you want a wedding in December, then a Christmas wedding theme could be great. A February wedding is expected to have a Valentine’s Day wedding theme. 

The place where you will hold your wedding is also a good known which theme to choose. If it is a ranch, then a Country wedding theme is perfect. 

The beach wedding in Hawaii is, of course, not as good if you don’t adopt the Hawaiian wedding theme. A garden wedding theme will work if hold in the garden. Holding the wedding at Disney World will automatically be a Disney wedding theme. 

A period of history that both of you may want to highlight during your wedding is also a good start when deciding the theme you will use. Some of these are Renaissance wedding theme, Roman wedding theme, and Ancient China wedding theme. 

Deciding on a wedding theme early is one thing. Preparing for the things that will fit the theme is another. So after you have decided which wedding theme to choose, your tasks are now preparing the things needed for the wedding, including the decorations, accessories, food, wedding dresses or costumes, invitations, and more. Make sure that everything is based on the theme. 

A defined wedding theme will make the preparation easier since the theme will set the things needed. The wedding theme will prepare orders simultaneously; it will give a unique experience to those who will attend the celebration. 

What Makes a Perfect Summer Theme Wedding

Wedding dress and wedding color, music, food and reception, invitations and venue, flowers, decoration, and accessories- All these and more must be prepared for your wedding.

And if you are not ready enough, any minor mishap on one can put a big dent in your whole wedding celebration.

But surely, you don’t want that to happen so you will try your best to make it perfect, especially if your wedding is in summer and your theme, summer. But makes a summer theme wedding perfect?

To answer this question, you don’t have to go too far. All you have to do is make sure that your wedding elements are given enough attention to detail.

Wedding dress and wedding color. Summer always signifies the sun. So there is no better way to associate summer with your wedding than by looking at nature and seeing the effects of the sun on it. Your wedding dress should be fitted to the heat.

A soft silk white dress always gives beauty to the bride during a summer wedding. Bright colors like oranges, yellows, and reds often associated with harvest are excellent wedding colors choices.

Music. Choosing music that celebrates your wedding, suitable for the season, should be your focus. Since summer is time to celebrate the sun, it is more of a proper celebration with dance and fast-beat music.

Food and reception. The summer is where most tropical fruits grow, so don’t forget to add a tropical flavor to your food. This applies whether you are holding your wedding reception at a beach resort or a restaurant.

Speaking of reception, the most popular places where you can hold your summer theme wedding are the Caribbean, Hawaii, and any tropical country where you can feel the heat of the sun. A beach resort is always a brilliant choice.

Invitation and venue. To make your invitation genuinely summer-themed, then go for the elements that often symbolize it. Sand, seashell, and other related things are enough to highlight your wedding theme.

Since invitation gives the guest, the first impression and the idea of what to expect at your wedding, you recommend making one that will capture your whole wedding theme. Popular venues for summer theme weddings are the beach, garden, camping sites, and of course, the church. Choose one that you think is the best for your wedding.

Flowers. One of the hardest decisions to make in your entire wedding preparation is choosing the flowers.

Here are some flowers that bloom during this season according to color:

White (Chrysanthemum, Freesia, Gerbera Daisy, Hydrangea, Iris, Larkspur, Lily Asiatic, Lily oriental, Lisianthus, Monte Casino Asters, Queen Anne’s Lace, Snapdragons, Stephanotis, Stock, and Tuberose).

Yellow (Alstromeria, Chrysanthemum, Freesia, Gerbera Daisy, Lily, Asiatic, Snapdragons, Solidaster, Sunflower, and Yarrow)

Orange (Alstromeria, Chrysanthemum, Gerbera Daisy, Asiatic Lily, Snapdragons, and Zinnia)

Pink (Alstromeria, Chrysanthemum, Freesia, Gerbera Daisy, Hydrangea, Larkspur, Asiatic Lily, Oriental Lily, Lisianthus, Matsumoto Asters Snapdragons, Yarrow, and Zinnia)

Decorations and Accessories. Fine linens for tables and summer-themed materials for centerpieces are the usual choice. Use sand, water, seashells, fruits, and colors to bring out the summer theme you want to achieve.

Winter Theme Wedding Ideas

Although most wedding ceremonies are scheduled during Summer and Spring, no one will stop you if you decide to hold your wedding during winter.

So if at this point you have got married when the snow is falling, and everyone is celebrating the holidays, then here are some winter theme wedding ideas for you:

Where to have a winter wedding?

A ski resort, a private club, or a historic mansion can be some of your choices when you want a winter wedding atmosphere. But if you want a private wedding with few people invited, a house or inn with a fireplace can already make the ceremony intimate. Of course, if you live or want to hold your wedding at the state with guaranteed snow during the date of your wedding. 

If otherwise you live or plan to hold your wedding to a place without snow but are still cold, then you have to add winter elements to the wedding to make it more winter-themed. 

  • Tip: Ensure that the place where you plan to hold your wedding is adequately heated during winter, especially during your wedding date. Check if they use seasonal decorations as most places are already heavily decorated during this time of the year. This will save you money. 

What to wear at the winter wedding?

  • Bride – It is always expected that a bride would wear a long silk gown during the wedding since wedding gowns are often designed to be worn during a temperate climate. The wedding gown suitable during the winter wedding should involve more capes, shrugs, wraps, and coats to protect the bride from cool temperatures. Unless, of course, you want to hold your wedding in an adequately heated room. You have to adapt your dress to the venue of the wedding and the activities where you will do. 
  • Groom – and groomsmen do not require special designs for their attire. A coat and long pants would be enough.

What to serve at the reception?

To get winter theme wedding cakes, decorate with sugar sculptures, silver embellishments, or snowflake patterns. Special treats can include spiced wine, eggnog, or hot chocolate. Ask your caterer to serve food that would be timely and would fit your wedding theme. 

What flowers to use?

White and silver flowers are perfect for winter theme weddings. To celebrate the season, red and green can be used as well. White flowers include roses, crocus, stephanotis, lilies, and football mums. Silver flowers include baby blue eucalyptus, silver-dollar eucalyptus, and dusty miller. There are roses, tulips, and ornamental berries for less expensive flowers, which grow during winter. Talk to your florist about what flowers you want to use. 

What décors fit the winter wedding theme?

Any Christmas decorations like Christmas trees, mistletoe, etc., will do if you want to achieve the ambiance of winter. Do not invite Santa Claus and his reindeers, however. Add some lighting effect around the room using pillars of candles arranged with white pillars. Use floating candles as a simple holiday centerpiece decorated with snowflake effects. 

The thing is, there are probably thousands of ideas you can apply to your winter wedding. All you have to do is to use your imagination or ask your friends for contribution on what are the things that will truly make a winter wedding special. 

Best Romantic And Elegant Wedding Theme

Best Romantic And Elegant Wedding Theme

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