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Manual outreach link building is an extremely effective way to improve the ranking of your site. Link acquisition from good authority pages is an important cornerstone of ranking factors. It takes time and respect, so some people are tempted to look for shortcuts. However, manual outreach has many advantages. It is a time-consuming exercise, but can yield fantastic results. Listed below are the Guidelines and Tools for Manual Outreach Link Building. But, be warned: manual outreach is not for the faint of heart.

Guide to manual outreach link building

One of the best strategies to increase your SEO is to create backlinks. While link building is essential for organic traffic, you need to make sure you are building links that will help your website rank in the search engines. You can do this by writing great content and pitching it to relevant publications. Your content can be a blog post, long-form article, press release, or case study. When contacting sites to request backlinks, be sure to explain why your content is useful for their readers.

Manual Outreach – Link building is an important part of on-page SEO. It is a discrete and aggressive technique that requires time and resources. Unless you have knowledge of SEO, you may be wasting valuable time and money. You can choose to outsource Link Building or stick with your internal resources. However, if you do not have time to complete link building manually, consider outsourcing it to a professional. Listed below are some guidelines for the process of link building.

Manual Outreach – In contrast to automated outreach, manual outreach builds relationships with relevant websites. In addition to building trust, manual outreach can also secure high domain authority for guest posting and quality content. However, this method has its downsides. The first step is to create a list of relevant emails. Manual Outreach is much more strategic than automated outreach, so make sure to consider your audience carefully before sending a message. And remember, there is a difference between intensity and freedom in link building.

Manual Outreach – While manual outreach requires more time than automated link building, it provides highly targeted links that will benefit your business. Often, outreach is related to content promotion, such as content or infographics. The goal of outreach is to build a long-term relationship with key influencers and generate genuine evangelists for your brand. So, go ahead and get out there and earn links! The rewards will be well worth the effort.


The most common type of link building is manual outreach. It involves reaching out to webmasters to request links from their sites. This type of link building is often more successful for newly-established or smaller websites that don’t have the mass traffic to justify the effort. To get maximum exposure and link value, it’s important to contact relevant websites. Below are some general guidelines for manual outreach link building. Make sure to keep these in mind while contacting websites to request backlinks:

Follow-up emails. Follow-up emails are quite effective. They can sometimes yield more links than the original outreach email. Avoid sending the same email to the same person more than once, as this could get your email address reported as spam and your domain banned. You can send the same email to a large number of people but vary the introductions and incentives you use. Depending on the nature of your outreach efforts, you may even be able to get one or two links out of a single email.

Breaking links are another common type of outreach. Emailing website owners to notify them of a broken link is easy and fast, but the tone of voice is important. You should never say, “Please replace the broken link with my link!” or something to that effect. Instead, state that your replacement link is good and suitable for the site. A broken link detection tool, like Linkub, can be helpful for identifying relevant broken links.

Always respond to outreach emails in a timely manner. Link building campaigns require strong interpersonal social skills and persuasiveness. They should be accompanied by other marketing activities. Without a website worth linking to, link building is pointless. To attract quality backlinks, you must have a rich content and social media presence, a good industrial relations, and a unique value proposition. This way, your link building efforts will not be wasted.


Manual outreach can be a pain if you’re new to link building. Although most successful link builders use some form of outreach tool, many do not know what to do with their time. A tool can streamline the outreach process, find opportunities for backlinks, and track progress. Manual outreach can take months or even years, and many people are reluctant to use it. Here are some tips to increase the effectiveness of your outreach efforts:

Spreadsheets can help. A spreadsheet platform can help you to bring together disparate tools and track manual outreach. Besides tracking and analyzing manual outreach, it also helps you create specific rules and conditional formatting. This makes it easier to understand the data. The more accurate your data is, the more effective your outreach efforts will be. To get the most out of your link outreach campaigns, it’s essential to use a spreadsheet platform.

Ahrefs is a tool that lets you organize your outreach efforts. Its database has thousands of blogs and their owners’ contact information. You can also use this tool to find influencer-level bloggers and track their activities. The service doesn’t disclose pricing information, but it does make the outreach process easier, and you can even prioritize your outreach efforts with it. Using Ahrefs is especially useful for larger outreach operations.

Pitchbox can help you track outreach campaigns. With five different outreach tools, it makes it easy to reach journalists, bloggers, podcasters, and more. It includes tools for scheduling outreach campaigns and follow-ups, as well as tracking open rates. It’s also compatible with Ahrefs and MOZ, and is suitable for brands, agencies, and in-house marketing teams. This tool also integrates with other SEO tools and allows you to create personalized outreach campaigns.


While you might be wondering how much a manual outreach link building costs, there are a few things you should know about it. Most of the time, the cost of a high-quality link is around $170 to $300. For instance, if you’re looking for a high-quality, relevant link, you should aim to reach out to relevant blogs, and not simply mass-mail out spammy outreach emails. The average open rate of an email is about 8.5%, so you should be able to expect to spend at least $170 to $300 for a quality link. On the other hand, if you’re looking to get a cheap link, it’s a good idea to avoid services that place your link on hacked sites.

The cost of manual outreach link building will depend on the quality of the links you’re looking to create, how valuable the links will be, and how difficult it is to generate them in your vertical. A $600-$1,000 fee for a single manual link without KPIs just doesn’t make sense. Be sure to do the math and ask an expert if you’re unsure of your budget and what you’ll be getting for the money.

Although a manual outreach link building may be worth the money, you shouldn’t make it a full-time job. While you’ll likely receive a lot of responses to your outreach emails, this kind of link building is not as effective as it once was. As a result, some marketers focus on the wrong metrics for their link building efforts – things like followers or engagement. In reality, these metrics do little to help your business in the long run.


Several factors influence manual outreach link building effectiveness. First, it requires a great deal of time and effort to reach out to new sites. It may also take some perspicacity. Manual outreach campaigns are much more effective when the creators of the outreach content are well prepared for the process. For example, it is vital to ask upcoming info needs from news sites and analytical verticals. It is equally important to prepare for guest posts and high-traffic blogs. Taking notes during outreach helps open up your creative mind and helps you find new prospects.

Another major factor that determines manual outreach link building effectiveness is the quality of the links you receive. Automated link building uses automated software programs that create links for you, leaving you with little to no control over the quality of the links and websites. In addition, you will not have complete control over the placement of your website on search results. Although automated link building can be beneficial for your website, you have to understand its limitations before utilizing it.

While manual outreach link building requires a large amount of time and effort, it can have a huge impact in the long run. Boosting rankings through higher-quality backlinks leads to a pleasant customer experience and a successful website. Manual outreach is a powerful SEO technique, but you need to understand its nuances and make sure you have the right resources to achieve your goals. Listed below are some tips to help you maximize the effectiveness of manual outreach.

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