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How Can I Get Free High Quality Backlinks Using LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a great tool to build quality backlinks for your website. People use this social media platform for professional networking and updating resumes, but it can also be used to gain backlinks for your website. To start using LinkedIn to build backlinks, create a profile with your URL and share articles, products, and services regularly. By doing this, you’ll be promoting your website in an extremely natural way.

Create a business profile on an online directory

Before starting, you’ll want to review the list of online directories to create a listing for your business. Once you’ve created your listing, you can update it to include any relevant keywords that people might use to find you. A key part of your listing will be your business name, address, and contact details. If possible, you should also include a link to your website. Some directories publish your listing instantly, while others may require you to wait for several weeks for them to approve your listing. If you’re struggling to keep up with these updates, you can use a service like Monitor Backlinks to automate the process.

Create a guest blog post

To create a guest blog post, you need to know where to find reputable blogs that accept guest posts. This is important because guest blogging on subdomains does not offer the same quality backlinks as a guest post on a root domain. To create a guest post on Mashable, you need to write a compelling content piece, and pay attention to the guidelines of the blog. Make sure your proposal is brief, but interesting, and you have to show the editor why they should accept your guest post. You can even list your credentials in your proposal, as these are also important factors in a quality site.

Create a profile on a social media platform

How to get free quality backlinks using your social media profile? Here are some simple ways to promote your website and capture leads. – Include your URL on social media profiles. People love to follow other people who share relevant content and they are likely to leave a comment. – Add your link to your bio and tweets. Depending on the platform, you can even get your link posted on other people’s profiles.

Create a business profile on a citation site

If you’re a small business owner, one of the easiest ways to get free high-quality backlinks is to create a business profile on a citation directory. Citations appear all over the Internet, including local business directories, industry-specific publications, social media pages, and even apps. Citations are valuable because they are used by consumers to find local businesses, act as links, and boost local search rankings. Even though most citations remain under your business, it’s still important to create a profile on one of the directories for your business.

Create a business profile on Foursquare

If you run a small business, creating a business profile on Foursquare can be beneficial to your SEO efforts. The website offers numerous benefits to users, and its City Guide feature allows people to find and recommend businesses. Similar to Yelp, Foursquare also offers Google My Business and a Swarm App. Businesses can create a listing on Foursquare to reach thousands of potential customers.

How Can I Get Free High Quality Backlinks Using LinkedIn?

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