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How Do I Get Backlinks From Directories?

Getting links from reputable directories is important to SEO. These directories include Yelp, True Local, and Hot Frog. Make sure to provide the same contact information to each. You can also submit reviews and testimonials that will result in links to your website. You can use these strategies to boost SEO. Read on to learn more. And don’t forget to check out for more helpful information!

Relevant sites

When you are trying to rank in Google, you need to get your pages ranked on relevant sites. Backlinks are one of the factors that Google looks at when ranking a page. If the content of your page is relevant to what people are searching for, Google will serve it up to them. But how can you make sure that your links are coming from sites that are relevant to your niche? Here are some tips.

Blog comments

If you’re looking to increase the number of relevant backlinks on your website, blog commenting can be a great way to get them. However, it is important to make sure the backlinks you leave are dofollow, which means they pass link authority, value, and equity along with the comment. Even if you don’t intend to use blog comments for SEO, there are plenty of other reasons to do so.

Review sites

Write reviews on products and services that you’ve used or enjoyed. Send these to the company or person, and they may post them as a testimonial. In exchange for a link to your website, they may also mention your business or website. Make sure to mention the company name or website in your review. Even unlinked mentions of your business or product are beneficial. Read on to learn more about this method.


You may be wondering: How to get backlinks from Moz? Well, you can use the tools offered by the popular link building platform. If you haven’t heard of Moz before, it’s worth checking out their free trials. You can see for yourself the quality of inbound links to your website and find out if you can improve them. Using the Moz Link Explorer tool is one of the most useful. It will show you metrics like Page Authority, Domain Authority, and Spam Score.

Directory listings

Directories are essential for a business to gain exposure and build a presence. It is important to get a listing in all the right directories and design the listing correctly to get the most benefit. Listed businesses are likely to attract more customers and sell more products and services. Local businesses should focus on local and national directories, and those that sell internationally should focus on industry-specific directories. For example, an attorney doing SEO might want to get listed in a national and local attorney directory.

How Do I Get Backlinks From Directories?

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