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How Do I Get Backlinks on Pinterest?

How Do I Get Backlinks on Pinterest?

To create backlinks on Pinterest, you have to use relevant content and images. Each pin must contain your main target keywords and the ALT text field. You must create an infographic for every URL to use in your pins. Pinterest users love original images and infographics, so you should create one for each URL. Then, place the infographic at the top of your pins. This way, Pinterest will see your information graphic and link it to your page.

80% of your pins should engage your followers

The first thing to do when starting a Pinterest strategy is to learn from your target audience. Unlike Facebook posts, pins have a much longer life than Facebook posts, meaning that they may gain some traction months later. To implement this tip on other platforms, use the Revive Old Posts plugin. Another important element of engagement is the timing of your pins. Different time windows encourage more engagement. The exact timeframe depends on your target audience.

When creating a Pinterest campaign, it’s important to remember that visuals are king. People use Pinterest to discover products and brands. As a result, you can target potential buyers early in the purchase cycle. 80% of weekly pinners say they’ve discovered a new brand via a pin. 80% of Pinterest pins should contain images that engage your followers.

80% of your pins should offer value

To get more backlinks from Pinterest, make sure 80% of your pins are valuable. This way, people will be more likely to share them and to link back to your website. However, make sure that your pins are of value, and offer something that people will want to share with their friends. While backlinks from Pinterest are nofollow, it doesn’t mean that they are useless. In fact, they can have a tremendous impact on your SEO.

Content must be high-quality and original. Pinterest users are influenced by visual assets, so they must be impressive and aesthetically pleasing. Generally speaking, Pinterest users prefer simple imagery. And, since 80% of Pinterest users access it on their mobile devices, you need to create your images in a high-resolution, vertical format to get the most exposure. Your images should have a relevant topic.

80% of your pins should have a nofollow link

A nofollow link is not good for SEO. Most people don’t understand the difference. They simply click on a link that takes them somewhere else. And, if you don’t use a nofollow link, you’ll never get your content repinned. This means that you can’t get your content ranked in Google if your pins don’t have a nofollow link.

How Do I Get Backlinks on Pinterest?

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