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How Link Pyramids Work

Link pyramids are complex structures that work for a number of reasons. These include paid links and spammy links that are one degree removed from the main URL. They also work for digital marketing efforts such as copywriting, analytics, social media, and getting Google to like you. To learn more about how link pyramids work, keep reading! Here’s a brief overview of each level of the pyramid. The bottom layer is the most important: the Base link.

Base links

Building a link pyramid starts with a solid foundation. Creating an organized structure of pages is key. Most people start building from the bottom, but this strategy should work in reverse. You need to build your site from the top, starting with pages that relate to your website. This will help your visitors understand your site’s content better, and increase the chances of conversions. But how do you go about building a link pyramid?

Mid-grade links

Getting links from mid-grade websites is important for your website’s search engine rankings. Such links are more valuable than other types of links because they’re considered “natural” by Google. Mid-grade pyramid links come from sites with a decent amount of backlinks, but aren’t necessarily as high-quality as base site links. That means you’ll need fewer mid-grade links to achieve the same search engine rankings as a high-grade site.

High-quality links

In order to build high-quality pyramid links, you should start from the top. The first category of links should be from pages related to the website’s topic. This category may also include popular information portals. The second category should be from official company pages on social networks, blogs, Wikipedia pages, and catalogues. The third category should be from web posts and comments made on professional and social networks. You can avoid being penalized by search systems by following the pyramid scheme.

Low-quality links

There are a few ways to rank high without getting snagged by the low-quality pyramid links. One of these is by building links from mid-grade sites, which generally have a decent amount of backlinks and a bit of authority. Google considers these links to be more authoritative than base site links, so you won’t need as many. However, most long-tail keywords don’t require the best-quality links.

Level 1

In order to become a successful pyramid linker, you need solid stunting skills. Practicing stunts on cue and knowing what to do are two very important parts of pyramid link training. Here are some tips to help you improve your stunting skills. In addition to practicing stunts on cue, you should also focus on developing your body positions, especially those of the mid-base. Once you have mastered these skills, you can move on to the next level.

How Link Pyramids Work

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