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How Long Does Backlinking Take to Work?

In order to understand how long it takes for backlinks to start working, you should first look at how often your website gets crawled by the Googlebot. The crawl rate is the number of requests made by the Googlebot every second. Popular websites are crawled more frequently, resulting in fresher content in the index. Older pages, however, are rarely crawled, so it is important to keep your content updated and fresh.

Link velocity

A recent Google patent explains that a “spiky rate” of inbound links is an indicator of unnatural link building. The patent doesn’t say that Google will degrade a website for rapid growth of inbound links, but rather, it’s about demoting a website with unusual spikes in inbound links over long periods. Although there’s no evidence to support the idea, some SEO experts have speculated that Google may penalize websites with abnormally high link velocity.

Link quality

The answer to this question is very different from the answer to the previous question: How long does backlinking take to work for the page in question? The answer depends on the page in question. A page that has only one backlink will barely improve in rank after 22 weeks. In contrast, a page that has six or more backlinks will see an improvement in rank within four to six weeks. But how does it affect a page’s ranking?

Domain authority

When evaluating the success of link building, domain authority is the most important factor. Higher DA means better visibility on Google. High DA sites are well linked to and are viewed as experts in their industry. Using backlinks to increase your DA score can help increase your organic traffic and ranking. The more links you have on your site, the higher your domain authority. But if you have low quality content on your site, it can delay Googlebot’s indexing.

Press release

Besides getting you noticed by journalists and readers, press releases can also help your SEO. Not only will they build brand awareness, but they will also create niche associations that Google can use to recognize your business and create a knowledge panel about your niche. Press releases also help generate links, but make sure that they come from real journalists and platforms. Nowadays, PR professionals should focus on the quality of their content over the quantity. Google prefers content that people want to share, and the best way to do that is through press releases.


When you build backlinks to your site, you have to wait for indexing to take place. Google crawls the pages and links on these pages to determine the best results for a search query. Backlinks act as recommendations and are treated accordingly. The more authoritative the source of the backlink, the better. For this reason, it is essential to target high-authority sites when you are building backlinks.

How Long Does Backlinking Take to Work?

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