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How Many Backlinks Do I Need From Guest Posting?

How Many Backlinks Do I Need From Guest Posting?

You can create a portfolio for your website and write articles for industry publications to build links. Having several quality articles will boost your search engine rankings. You can even build links from high domain authority sites. To create backlinks for your site, you can try guest posting on related sites and submitting them to high authority directories. These are all great ways to get backlinks. To get started, you can use the SEOJetRank free trial.

Guest posting

How many backlinks do I need from guest posting? The answer will depend on your site’s topic, but there are some important guidelines for guest posting that will increase the effectiveness of your campaign. Before you begin pitching guest posts, you should make sure your topic is relevant to the website’s audience. For example, an article about how to use big content to unlock exponential growth can be a great match for a website that publishes articles about teeth cleaning products. Once you have chosen the topic, write a title and a brief description.

Creating a portfolio

There are many ways to build a portfolio of backlinks, but one of the best ways is to partner with other websites and write for them. This way, you’ll be building backlinks for both of your websites at once, and you can also slip a couple of links in each time you do. A portfolio should look like an investment portfolio. Basically, the more diverse your portfolio is, the more opportunities you have to earn a lot of money.

Writing for industry publications

The links within your article should be follow, meaning that they pass link equity to your site. Moreover, because these articles go through a thorough editorial process, the link is unlikely to be a low-quality link spam. Hence, the link will benefit your client’s SEO directly. However, there are other factors that will affect the amount of link equity your article can receive. Let’s discuss each of them below.

Building links from high domain authority sites

If you are looking for high-quality links for your website, you’ve probably already heard about the latest trend in link building – content marketing. High-authority sites often ask for content in exchange for a backlink. This is a great opportunity to showcase your content to thousands of potential backlinkers. Infographics are also a great way to gain backlinks from high-authority sites for a longer period of time.

Building backlinks from your competition

Building backlinks from your competition will increase the ranking of your website and make your content appear in front of your ideal customers. Google gives higher value to authoritative sites and prefers to publish content from them. So if you’re not getting any results from search engines, try contacting a backlink analysis service. These services can find relevant backlinks from your competitors’ websites and help you boost your rankings. They also help you show up in content that your ideal customers read and on sites they recognize.

How Many Backlinks Do I Need From Guest Posting?

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