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How Many Outbound Links Is Too Many?

How Many Outbound Links Is Too Many?

If your website’s main purpose is to provide information or a service, how many outbound links is too much? There is a limit to the number of reference links, but they shouldn’t trigger red flags. Wikipedia, for instance, has a large number of outbound reference links, but the site still ranks high. Similarly, if your site is about providing content, reference links from other sites shouldn’t hurt your rankings.

Inbound links

Adding too many outbound links can confuse readers and push them away. You also risk looking spammy to Google, and it can hurt your SEO. The number of outbound links should vary depending on the type of content and page length. Long-form content like articles will naturally have more outbound links than shorter content. Generally, an article of 500 words or more will have between three and five outbound links. Articles of 800 words and longer will typically contain seven to eight links.

Dofollow and nofollow

While most people would agree that nofollow links aren’t beneficial for search engine rankings, SEO experts aren’t as sure. While SEOs do love spamming, nofollow links don’t help your ranking. The reason for this is that nofollow links pass no link value to the target webpage. In addition, nofollow links will stop Google’s crawlers in their tracks. Here are some of the benefits and disadvantages of dofollow and nofollow links:


Depending on the purpose of your outbound links, you can improve your SEO by building relevant links. While spammy links may not be relevant, they can be helpful for giving search engines a signal about your site. Building relevant links is a good way to boost your page authority. For example, you can leave comments on other websites. While this is beneficial, it can also cause harm. Here are a few tips to build good outbound links:


A good question is: How many outbound links do I need? In the long run, a good outbound link does not reduce your PageRank. Google is far more concerned with other factors than just the number of outbound links. However, there are some factors that you should be aware of to boost your PageRank. Let’s take a look at some of them. Creating high quality and unique content will give you an edge in the SERPs.

Impact on rankings

Too many outbound links can affect your SEO. If your links lead to spammy websites, search engines may consider you to be spam. Furthermore, if you have outbound links that point to irrelevant websites, you may have unnatural content on your page. This can cause your visitors to lose interest in your site and bounce off. This is why a proper amount of outbound links is critical. Listed below are the consequences of too many outbound links.

How Many Outbound Links Is Too Many?

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