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How To Check Traffic On WordPress Website

Every time we are working on our WordPress websites, we encounter a certain problem or challenge: how to check traffic on WordPress website? If you have your own website, you may be asking yourself how to check traffic on WordPress. But before we answer that question, let us first have a brief introduction on how to check traffic on WordPress. When it comes to web site promotion and online business promotion, there are actually three ways to do it.

  • First is the manual method of checking the website statistics such as the number of visits, page views and time duration. By doing this, you will know how effective your site is being used by your targeted market. For this method, you need to access the dashboard of your website or any other interactive page such as Contact Us page. There you will be able to view the basic information about your visitors such as their names, email addresses, pages viewed and time duration spent on that page. Also, you can also determine which keywords they used in searching for the content on your website.
  • Second is by using the tracking script available on most hosting providers. This is not very effective because most scripts are limited to track only few vital elements of your website. Besides, there is no guarantee that you will get the data you need. And even if you are successful in obtaining some statistics, these statistics are usually outdated or inaccurate. Besides, this method is very slow and needs technical skills. In addition, using this method will require a substantial amount of money as you will need to purchase software to enable tracking script on your WordPress blog or website.
  • Third is by going through your competitor’s websites and seeing how they got that traffic. Unfortunately, this is very hard to do since you will need to visit each of your competitor’s websites to check if they have published any articles or information relevant to your target market. Meanwhile, it is quite expensive. Besides, this method is not practical if you are using an article based website because articles indexed on search engines do not include links. This method is useful when you are targeting short-term traffic, otherwise it will not help you much.
  • Fifth is by optimizing your keywords. Optimizing your keywords is a good way of how to check traffic on WordPress Website. It is important to use long tailed keyword phrases for better rankings with search engines. It is also helpful to use other keyword phrases that have less competition because they are less searched for.
  • Sixth is by writing articles. One thing that you must remember is that articles are indexed by search engines. So, you will need to submit your article to as many article directories as possible. The more your articles are distributed, the better results you can get.

There are a lot more things you can do in order to maximize your WordPress website traffic. These are just the basics, so if you want to know how to check traffic on WordPress then I suggest that you go out there and try all of them. You should be able to increase your traffic even more and get more sales if you use all the methods I have mentioned. Now that you know how to check traffic on WordPress, start optimizing your website and increase your profits.

How To Check Traffic On WordPress Website

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