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How To Get Backlinks From Google?

Many marketers, bloggers and site owners want to get backlinks from Google. Google is a valuable search engine which has helped many webmasters get traffic to their websites. However Google ranks backlinks differently than other search engines. It ranks a backlink on the basis of its popularity i.e. how many other webmasters are linking back to that specific page.

  • Domain Authority – A high domain authority (DCA) means that a higher number of other webmasters are linking back to your page than the ones linking back to you. A high DCA also means that your page is more popular than the rest of the pages linking back to you. The more popular your webpages get, the more chance your pages get to be indexed faster. Thus, you get backlinks from Google much faster by having a high DCA.
  • Inbound Links – Google wants to get backlinks from quality sources. Therefore it prioritises inbound links to a page as it is believed that better inbound links will improve search engine results page ranking (SERP). Having a high amount of inbound links to a webpage improves your page rank, thus Google will index your page more often and you get backlinks from google more often.
  • Social Media – The rise of social media has brought about many changes in the world of backlinking. If you want to get backlinks from google, you need to take advantage of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon. If you have high PR on these sites, your backlinking will be indexed more quickly than on non-social media sites. In particular, if you have high PR on Twitter you should concentrate on tweeting as much as possible and linking your blog posts/press releases to your Twitter account.

To sum it up, you should focus on the quality backlinks when you want to get backlinks from Google. It does not matter how many backlinks you get, if they are of poor quality Google will not take you seriously. You need to build your quality backlink portfolio and then concentrate on linking with authority sites and getting ranked with Google in organic searches. Once this happens you can consider getting backlinks from Google using traditional methods of search engine optimization.

  • Google’s own supplemental index – Google incorporates its own supplemental index into its search results. If you keep on creating quality backlinks, Google is more likely to acknowledge your high-authority link building efforts. As a result, if you want to get backlinks from google, you should take advantage of their supplemental index.
  • Google pr9 Backlink Building Service – The last method to get backlinks from Google is by using Google’s pr9 backlinks service. The pr9 backlinks service was introduced in April 2021 and offers users the ability to get backlinks from more than one gateway, each linked to a different URL. This offers an unprecedented level of granularity for anyone doing quality link building. You can get backlinks from Google from all over the internet and even from other popular websites (though this is unlikely to happen). Although pr9 does not directly help with your SEO rankings, it does help your web presence.

So there you have it. Those are just some of the best methods to get backlinks from Google. In my next article, I will discuss how to use Google’s supplemental index and pr9 backlinks to your advantage. You can get backlinks from google, but you need to know how to do it right.

How To Get Backlinks From Google?

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