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How to Get Fake Traffic on Your Website

A large number of internet marketers believe that how to get fake traffic on your website for free is quite easy. It’s a common belief that you can generate free web traffic simply by buying the right traffic. It may be true, but it will definitely not be cheap. On the contrary, you may have to spend a lot of time and money just to generate some decent traffic into your website. In fact, traffic building can be a rather expensive proposition if you don’t know what you are doing.

Let me tell you why traffic building is expensive. Think about this – if you have ten thousand people come to your site, how much of that traffic are you going to spend on them? You guessed it, you’re going to give most of it away for free. Let me ask you this – how many of those ten thousand visitors became regular readers or perhaps converted visitors into sales? I’m guessing that you could guess. Not very many I can assure you.

That’s why if you really want to know how to get fake traffic on your website for free, you need to use some tricks that other marketers haven’t thought of. One of those tricks is actually quite ingenious. In fact, it may well be underhand. But let’s leave that aside for now. You see, there is a certain amount of free web traffic that is generated by the search engines and you may as well capitalize on it by using search engine optimization in your campaign.

How to get fake web traffic for free? What you should focus on is how to get that traffic to start viewing your site. There are several ways to do that. You could build a forum out there on your site, invite others, provide them with RSS feeds, guest blog their articles and then have them syndicated. The point here is to draw them in, to actually read what you have to say, and eventually click on a link to your site.

Another way how to get fake traffic on your website for free is to offer some incentive to your visitors. Incentives can range from free web traffic, to discounts, to email course reviews. Offering something for signing up will work. Make sure though that whatever incentive you give is of substantial value. Don’t give away your information just so you can make a buck.

The final tip on how to get fake traffic on your website for free is to simply put up a good website. Put in decent content, get some high PR back links, etc. If you’re not doing anything to benefit yourself, the search engines will pick that and not give you any web traffic at all. People come to these websites looking for information, they’re not coming to waste their time on a website that has no useful information. The goal of any website should be to help the visitor find something of use or value.

If you really want to boost your web traffic though, you need to learn how to drive targeted web traffic to your site. You need to become known as an expert in your field. One way how to get this done is by linking to other related blogs or sites. It’s always a good idea to include some of the words in your anchor text, the link to your other site and of course the URL.

There are more detailed ways how to get fake traffic on your website for free, but these three tips will help you get started. Some free web traffic methods also call for you to put some personal information about yourself on your website. This information should be related to what your site is about and what it is offering. This is usually called “double opt in”, which means that your customer will have to sign up first before being able to access the products or services offered on your site.

How to Get Fake Traffic on Your Website

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