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How to Get Free Backlinks For Your Website

Creating your own content can be an excellent way to generate free backlinks for your website. You can create and publish an infographic about your website, guest post on other websites, and submit your content to popular publishing platforms. There are also many opportunities to submit your own video content to video-sharing sites, such as YouTube. YouTube is owned by Google, so creating a video can get you backlinks from a huge number of places.

Guest posting

Guest posting is a great way to promote your business without paying for the link juice. But there are some things you should know before submitting your first post. Here are 10 tips to write viral guest posts. First, make sure that your post isn’t all about your business. It should be a valuable source of information for the readers. Then, make sure to include references, your own blog post, and your landing page link in the author bio.


There are several ways to share infographics for backlinks. When sharing your infographic, remember to include the URL for your backlink, image file location, and contextual anchor text. Following these guidelines will help you give proper credit to your infographic. Another way to share your infographics is to submit them to websites that allow content submission. Many sites are free, while others charge a small fee.

Infographics are a great way to get free backlinks

Building inbound links for your website is difficult for small businesses. But with the right infographics, you can increase your page rank and traffic. A well-designed infographic can attract millions of viewers, improve your Alexa position, and build your backlink profile. Below are some of the ways you can use infographics to promote your website:

Blog comments

While writing blog comments is an easy way to build links, they are often not very effective link schemes. The links you leave in your comments are no-follow and don’t pass link juice. That being said, they will contribute to your link profile, and Google and website editors will take note of your comment. Here are a few tips for building links in blog comments. Use the website field provided on blog commenting platforms to make sure your links are relevant to the site’s content.


Podcasting can be a great way to increase your SEO. Podcasts have a highly engaged audience that will listen to their episodes. That means your podcast link will get more traffic and referrals than a standard blog post would. But podcasting isn’t just about SEO. It also serves as positive publicity. By increasing your branded search, podcasting can also result in more backlinks to your website.

Blog aggregators

Among the numerous blog aggregators, Blogarama offers high-quality backlinks to your blog. Its broad categories and prompt response time make it an ideal choice for pointing free backlinks to your blog. Blogarama accepts both genuine content and basic SEO tips, while rejecting spam or plagiarism. You can also follow the guidelines laid down by Google for blog submissions.


Forums are a great place to gain backlinks. Forum postings are a great way to generate targeted, organic traffic, as well as brand awareness. Although they aren’t considered SEO, they do drive highly relevant traffic to your website. Listed below are some of the ways to use forums for backlink building. You should always keep in mind that a forum’s traffic and Domain Authority aren’t the same. Ensure that the forums you choose are relevant to your website or blog.

How to Get Free Backlinks For Your Website

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