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How to Get Quality Backlinks

Getting high-quality backlinks is not an easy task. Previously, many companies achieved results through shady SEO practices, but now, the system is made more difficult to trick by the link spam update Google introduced a few years ago. Nowadays, only legitimate practices can get your site high on search results. Hence, the best way to get backlinks is to adhere to white hat SEO guidelines.

Guest blogging

If you’re looking to generate quality backlinks through guest blogging, you need to target blogs with high Domain Authority (DA). It is not enough to have a blog on a subdomain, as the backlinks you generate will not have the same SEO impact. Higher DA also means more readers for your guest posts. Guest blogging on popular sites such as Forbes, Huffington Post, and others requires developing relationships in the real world.

Public relations

Press releases are a must-have in public relations. However, they aren’t very beneficial for backlink building, and Google doesn’t think much of them. Most web release services issue “no follow” links, which are really just citations and have far less value than actual links. To avoid being penalized by Google, do your press releases yourself. Alternatively, you can submit them to PR log, PR News Wire, or similar websites to secure quality backlinks.


As with any type of content, the key to attracting quality backlinks for infographics is to focus on a specific topic. Don’t try to cover all the bases: stick to one idea or key point. Make your content visual and easy to digest. Consider using infographics like the Shopify one to help promote your ecommerce business. It speaks to your expertise and authority in the field.

Domain authority

There are many opportunities for backlinks. However, not all are created equal. Getting backlinks from sites with a low domain authority (DA) can have a lessening impact on your website. Although higher DA links are more valuable, it is also easier to build lower DA links. Here are some ways to build high-quality backlinks:


Outreach is a fantastic way to generate quality backlinks. You can also use outreach to build brand awareness. By appearing on prominent websites, you will increase your traffic and establish yourself as an industry expert. The key is to remember that people will only link to your site if they find it valuable. Hence, make sure that you provide value in exchange for the link. To generate backlinks, you can contact people on various forums and Reddit. For more outreach opportunities, consider guest blogging and forums. It is important to do thorough research on the target websites before contacting them. If possible, you can also use the one-to-one direct email tactic to reach out to them.

How to Get Quality Backlinks

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