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How to Use SEO Quake For Website Success

If you want to know how to use SEO Quake, then this article will help you learn how to use it effectively. This article will teach you how to use SEO Quake to improve the ranking of your websites. Basically, SEO Quake provides you with complete information about your web pages and it helps in improving your internet marketing efforts by making them more visible on popular Search engines like Google and Yahoo. So, let us learn how to use SEO Quake for better rankings.

SEO Quake is a Chrome application and Firefox add-on used for SEO analysis in various search engines. It gives the complete overview report of the webpage open on the web page i.e. it gives a per-page analysis report. It also provides details about the keyword density, google page rank, total number of pages analyzed, and even the domain age of the site. Basically, this tool provides complete information and is very user-friendly.

The first thing that you have to do in order to maximize the full potential of this tool is to find out the proper keywords or phrases to use. In this regard, there are 2 types of tools provided by the SEO Quake; a generic one and a specialized one. The specialized one provides metric-based reports such as backlinks, domains, total number, competitors, and others.

In addition to that, this tool has a plugin called SearchQemulator. This plugin is used to test different backlinking strategies to optimize your websites. Basically, there are several backlinking strategies like every-click, click-and-margins, etc. This particular plugin allows you to run the test on various backlinks and can give you different results based on the metrics provided by the tool.

Another interesting thing with this tool is the SEO Quake Add-on which is a Chrome plugin. Basically, this plugin makes the process of SEO easier and faster. You don’t have to click on a lot of buttons in order to create lots of backlinks and you also don’t have to focus on a single metric in order to maximize your performance. The fact is that this plugin can help you in various ways including testing, monitoring, and optimizing your sites.

The second type of metric provided by the SEO Quake tool is the SERP viewer. This particular tool is very useful for monitoring the performance of your keywords in the SERPs. All you have to do is to drag the given page into the engine and then let the tool calculate the average position of each keyword. Moreover, you can view the theme of that page and choose your top ranking keywords which you should improve based on the information provided by this tool.

The third type of metric is the Google page rank. This metric is actually very useful if you want to know how to use SEO in a more effective way. This is a tool that shows you the link popularity of a specific keyword or even a group of keywords and also the ratio of search volume. In addition, you can see the search volume for the most used keywords by Internet users. The main advantage of this metric is that it can be an initial benchmark for your SEO campaigns. The great thing is that it also provides the Google Page Rank for your site.

Lastly, the SEO Quake browser plugin allows you to check the performance of your ads and the text ads as well. This is a great tool if you want to optimize the entire ad campaign. This tool is a free tool and can be downloaded from the website. Once you download and install the tool, you can simply type the text and select the buttons. It displays the results as soon as possible.

How to Use SEO Quake For Website Success

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