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How Yahoo Backlinks Can Help You Earn More Traffic

How Yahoo Backlinks Can Help You Earn More Traffic

Google and Yahoo! both rank your site highly in their search engine results, but they are not equal in this area. One difference is keyword density. Sites that are keyword-rich on Yahoo! may easily fall into the keyword-stuffed category on Google and face a ban. Fortunately, there is an easy way to tell the difference. Yahoo! uses a toolbar that collects anonymous statistics on website usage and gives each site an aggregated value between zero and ten. The higher the value, the more popular your site is and the more valuable the backlinks it will receive.

Domain authority

The Domain Authority of your backlinks is an important aspect of search engine optimization. In addition to link quality, the domain score is affected by the amount of content on a site. For example, if a company offers wedding flower arrangements, people will search for the best wedding florists. A higher Domain Authority score means that the company is more likely to receive links from other companies. In addition, if a company has high-quality content, these links can help your website gain a higher score.


The PageRank of Yahoo backlinks is a highly-coveted attribute in the search engine. The formula equates the PageRank of outgoing links to a probability of arriving at a page after a large number of clicks. In an example scenario, a cat blog could link to a page about BMWs, which would have a high PageRank. By adding a “nofollow” attribute to these outgoing links, the PageRank of the nine other pages is not transferred.

Nofollow attribute

The Nofollow attribute is a way to avoid Google’s penalty when a backlink comes from a non-authority site. This attribute allows a site to have a link without attaching linkjuice, but be careful because it could affect your website’s SEO. Google provides information on nofollow in its Webmaster Tools. Bing, however, does not have information about this. However, it does warn against this tactic. Bing might flag any links coming from sites that sell links as suspicious.

Guest posts

Besides building backlinks, guest posting can also help you earn more traffic. But finding sites that accept guest posts can be difficult. Search engines will only recognize these links if they are of a higher quality, and they might also have other shortcomings. If you are not sure where to start, you can check out the existing guest posts on these sites. But you should avoid those sites that have low-quality content and are not relevant to your niche.

Social media

To get the most out of your Yahoo backlinks, you need to have a social media strategy in place. For instance, if you are using Facebook as a social media platform, you should create a Facebook business page and add a backlink in the intro box. You can have up to 101 characters to fill in the intro box. Using social media as your backlink strategy is one of the best ways to increase your Yahoo search rankings.

How Yahoo Backlinks Can Help You Earn More Traffic

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