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Ideas for Your Guinea Pig’s Cage

Owning a guinea pig is much fun. They are sweet and inquisitive and bring their owners lots of joy simply by being around them. 

There are many ways you can make your guinea pig’s cage a more enjoyable place for him (her) to live. Here are a few ideas for sprucing it up and making it homier for your tiny friend.

Cage Layouts

Before you decorate your guinea pig’s cage, there is the question of how to design the cage itself. You can buy cages from the pet store, of course, but you can also get very creative and make one yourself. People have used everything from dollhouses to IKEA shelves to create a guinea pig paradise. 

You can make a flat cage with one level or build a more complex house for your guinea pig. Using a waist-high bookshelf, you can make each shelf into a level with different furniture and activities. 

Put a layer of glass or plastic across the front, so you can see your little friend enjoying his new surroundings. Make passages from one floor to the next by using tubing that is big enough for your guinea pig to crawl through. 

If you or anyone you know is handy with woodworking, you can build a very affordable box-style cage that is ground level and opens from the top. Using wood as the corner frames and a fine screen to keep your little guy from escaping, this style is fairly uncomplicated to build.

Furniture and Toys

Once you have your actual frame, you will want to fill up your guinea pig’s new home. What activities does your guinea pig-like do? Guinea pig toys can be as simple as an old toilet paper roll or crumpled up piece of paper to some of the more fancy toys you can buy. 

Your guinea pig will need to sharpen his teeth, so be sure to keep various toys that he can play with and chew on. Wooden blocks and small chew toys are a good thing to have in your guinea pig’s home. 

If his home is a more fancy multi-level one, keep a few toys on each level, so he has easy access when he feels the need to chew. 

Make a cute pillow for your guinea pig’s bed, stuff an old sock with bedding material, and then tie the open end shut. As most guinea pigs are, your little friend is the exploring type, then create an obstacle course for him with Jenga-style blocks. This will give him many fun moments, as well as some much-needed exercise.

Food and Snacks

Guinea pigs love to eat, so keep plenty of food and snacks available to him as well. You can buy special treats, but guinea pigs are easy to please and enjoy a wide range of foods. Keep things on your hands, such as grass hay, pellets, vegetables, herbs, and a small amount of fruit.

And be sure to always have a supply of fresh, filtered water on hand available for him to access when desired.

You will enjoy creating a fun space for your guinea pig. Use these ideas to make a habitat that your little friend can enjoy. By keeping him busy, you will enhance his quality of life greatly.

Ideas for Your Guinea Pig’s Cage

Ideas for Your Guinea Pig’s Cage

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