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Make a Bed for Your Pet

As a pet owner, you want your treasured one to have his (her) own special, comfortable place to lay his head. Although you can easily buy a pet bed from the pet store or online, it is more fun to make yourself. This way, your unique pet will have its unique bed.

  • Milk Crate Bed

This tiny pet bed is perfect for the smallest of pets. If you have a cat or a small dog, consider using an old, wooden milk crate to create a warm place for your little one. With a small amount of work using a saw to make a place for your pet to step into the bed, you can make a cozy spot that will be treasured by the most petite members of your family.

  • Suitcase Bed

Create a trendy bed for your dog or cat with an old suitcase. You can use any suitcase, but an antique one will make it especially pleasing to the eye. Throw your pet’s favorite blanket inside, and it will be ready for use.

  • Crate Bed

Crate furniture has become trendy. A pet bed made of crates will give your special friend a modern place to lay his head at night with a rustic feel. Both dogs and cats can have tailor-made beds made from this material. Once you make this, you may become addicted to the fun of creating crate furniture and decide to do it again.

  • Sweater Bed

You can use your most stylish or ugly sweater to create a sweet space for your pet to lay down. Stuff the chest and both sleeves of the chosen sweater with a comfortable filler. Next, curve the sleeves around the outer edges of the chest section, and sew in place. This will provide a great bed with borders that your pet will not fall out of easily.

  • Corner Tables

Do you have a corner table already, or a space to put one? If so, why not let it work double duty and be a part table, part pet bed? Remove any extra middle shelves, and the lowest one will serve as the bed area. Cut out a soft pillow insert into the triangle shape of the shelf, cover it with a soft material, and be ready for use.

  • A Note about Materials

As we grow more aware of the effect of chemicals and particular materials on our bodies, this knowledge should extend to the materials we use for our dogs, cats, and other furry friends. 

When choosing the bedding, padding, and other materials, be aware of what it contains. When possible, always look for organic materials. Be sure to wash everything in natural detergent before it touches your pet, as most fabrics are sprayed with various chemicals before they arrive in the country. If using new padding, be sure to air it out in fresh, outdoor air for at least a few hours.

Sleeping is one of the most important activities that anyone in your family will engage in, including your pet. Make a cute and high-quality bed for your cat or dog with these simple ideas. Your pet will enjoy all their future time spent in rest.

Make a Bed for Your Pet

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Make a Bed for Your Pet

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