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Many Links Is Too Many?

The question, “Many links is too much?” has been circling the web for years. Google’s John Mueller recently responded to a question about how many links are too much – and he said that too many links isn’t a problem on its own. However, he did clarify that sites that have zero links may be penalized. This article will explore the rules for internal links and the number of links on a page.

Internal links

There is a fine line between too many and too few internal links. Generally, SEO experts recommend three to four internal links per piece of content, and more if the content is over 300 words. But the number of links may vary, depending on the type of content and the user experience. Keep in mind that a good SEO content is not about putting a bunch of useless links, but about providing useful and relevant links to users.

Google’s guidelines

Although Google’s 100-links-per-page Webmaster guideline was eliminated before 2008, the number of links per page remains a concern for SEOs. Some SEOs still believe that more than 100 links on a page will result in a penalty. However, websites such as Techmeme have thousands of links on their home page, yet are not penalized by Google. Google reserves the right to take action if a website is considered spammy.

Number of links on a page

The problem with too many links is that they can interfere with usability. Too many links will hide elements and buttons, making your page unnecessarily large. They also have the potential to break. To prevent this, try to keep the number of links to a minimum. If a link is broken, you should remove it. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you create a better web page.

Yoast SEO plugin

Once you have installed the Yoast SEO plugin, you will want to configure it. The plugin has a configuration wizard that takes you through the steps needed to customize the plugin for your site. You can also find a guide to installing the plugin on the Yoast website. Moreover, it comes with a number of tabs for setting up your website. Getting started with Yoast SEO can be a breeze.

Keeping internal links under 100

There used to be a rule that stated that you should keep internal links under 100 on a page, but that has since been retracted. Several years ago, Matt Cutts said that Google would not download more than 100k of a single page. Today, Matt Cutts suggests that you should keep internal links to a reasonable number. He also suggests that you link to important pages and categories. However, if you do not have enough content for a single page, then you can use the rule of thumb that states that “you should keep internal links to a minimum.”

Many Links Is Too Many?

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