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Marketeer Defining Success Target Media Prospecting Wireless Bridge Business Services Online

Having your own blog is definitely a very popular thing to do now, probably because it’s just so easy to start a blog, and there are even ways you can make money from your blog. 

Blogging Advice – Personal Blogging Or Business Blog

If you’re just starting out and you need a little blogging advice, there are many online forums that you can join and ask questions of other, more experienced members. If you want a quick overview, keep reading…

One thing for you to realize is that you can start a blog for free. Two of the most popular blog formats are and Blogger .com. You will have a wide variety of themes, the overall look of your site, to choose from with either format.  

You can have it hosted for free, or you can buy your own domain name and set up a hosting account so that you actually own your blog site. This is the preferred method for making money with your blog since you don’t actually own anything with the free methods. 

The next thing you will need to consider is what are you going to blog about? Do you just want to set up a personal blog to share your travel or family stories with friends and family around the world, do you want to share gardening tips, etc.? It can be whatever you want it to be; you just have to decide.  

Just remember that if you want to use your blog to start a business, you will need to spend a little more time and find a profitable niche market instead of just setting up a blog about something you love to do. To make money with your blog, make sure that enough other people will spend money on the niche you pick.   

Whether your blog is a personal blog or a business blog, you can still make money by adding ads. To do this, simply sign up to Google Adsense, they will place ads on your blog related to the topic of your blog. Whenever someone clicks on one of the ads, you’ll get paid a commission. The amount of money you make won’t be a lot, but what the heck, if you’re just blogging for fun anyway, making a little extra money every month is just gravy!

Another thing to keep in mind, again this advice will pertain to any type of blog, whether it’s a personal or business blog, is to make sure that you stay on topic with your blog readers. If your blog is about gardening, you don’t want to write about sewing, for example. 

While it is ok to write the occasional post on something a little off-topic, don’t make it a habit. Remember, people will come back to your blog repeatedly because they are interested in your blog. If they are reading a blog about gardening, then they want to read about gardening. Give your readers what they want. 

By following this simple blogging advice, you can be up and ready to blog in no time. It’s a fun way to express your opinion, make some money, share your knowledge, or just have fun.

Buy Domain Names For A Profitable Online Business

Step one to set up a profitable online business is to buy domain names unique to your business. If you’re just setting up a personal blog to share vacation pictures with family and friends, then you don’t really need to have your own domain name if you don’t want to. Even if you decide you want a domain name, you can just use your own name or some variation, which will work out just fine.

It’s not quite that simple, though, if you’re buying a domain name for an online business ( don’t panic, it might not be as simple as just choosing your own name, but it’s easy either). If you’re building a business online, one of the most important things you will need is to drive a ton of very targeted traffic to that website. What better way to do that than to have a domain name that is an exact keyword?

Let me explain. Let’s say that your website will be about golf; you are selling an instruction video on how to perfect your golf swing. You’ve done the keyword research, and you’ve found that many people are searching online for information on how to improve their golf swing type in the search phrase “golf swing instruction.”

If there are thousands of people every month using the keyword phrase “golf swing instruction” to do their search, what do you think would happen if you used that keyword for your domain name, Yep, you’d get a ton of highly targeted free traffic just because you made your domain name a highly searched-for keyword.

If you can get the .com version of a name, do so; if not, you can use a .net or a .org and still get good results. Once you’ve got your desired domain name picked out (you should actually start with a long list of possible names since many of them will already be taken), you can head over to websites like or and register (buy) your domain name.

It’s an easy step by step process (just make sure you pay attention because these sites like to try to get you to buy other things during the checkout procedure, and if you’re not paying attention, you may end up buying similar domain names or other upgrades that you really don’t need) and when it’s through you will be the proud owner of a new domain.

Domains are pretty cheap; you can pick up a domain name and own it for as little as $10 a year. You can choose to register the domain for longer, which will actually make your per-year investment even cheaper.

The actual process of paying for the domain name is easy; the most time-consuming part will be to find just the right domain name for your business, it’s easy, but you mustn’t get impatient and skip this step.

As I explained above, you want to buy domain names that are highly searched for keyword phrases. That is the best way for your business to get a lot of very targeted traffic, and that is the best way to get a lot of money with your online business.

Choose Poor Keywords Get Poor Adsense Conversion

If you choose poor keywords, you are going to get poor Adsense conversion. It is as simple as that. If you are tired of getting a penny per click, look into what keywords you are using. If you want to have higher Adsense conversion rates, it will help you find those keywords that are going to bring you higher Adsense revenue per click. You can make money with Adsense, but how much depends on how well you use it.

What makes Google Adsense and Adwords so beneficial is that you aren’t just shooting an advert to millions who aren’t interested in what you are trying to advertise or aren’t likely to buy. You can customize an ad just for them based on where they are going on the ad and what they are interested in. That is what brings the high Adsense conversion rates.

Google can know exactly what a person is interested in based on the content of the websites, the frequent use of the keywords and allows you to capitalize on that. Google looks out for certain keywords and phrases and chooses the images or ads they will be interested in. Used in the right way, this can be more effective and efficient than the biggest, flashiest commercials on television.

The most expensive clicks are not necessarily the best. You will find some keywords with a very high payout per click, over $40-50 per click, but what good do those do you if those are rarely clicked. It doesn’t matter how good you are at optimizing them; they just won’t help you make money online all that well.

Find words people click a lot. It doesn’t matter if they are under $20 or even less than $10 per click. If you have thousands of clicks on those keywords, that will make you thousands more a day than that high payout clicks no one is really interested in. Use Google Trends or the Google Adwords Keywords tool to find words or phrases that are popular.

You also need to find Adsense keywords that are specific to get the highest AdSense conversion. There are millions of users trying to find things on the Internet. All of them are going to have different ways of finding information. They will have very specific needs and phrase their search in unique ways based on several factors.

It could be due to them being in different demographic groups, geographical areas, or cultures. Research different groups and search for things, look for tendencies they have and exploit them. If you are trying to cater to a certain geographical region, tailor your keyword to match it. If you want to reach people in New York looking for a bookstore with a coffee shop, instead of just using ‘bookstore coffee shop,’ use ‘New York bookstore coffee shop.’

Strive to find keywords that have a good balance between the quality of the keyword as far as having a decent payout per click and a high possibility of people actually clicking on it. If you can optimize this, your Adsense conversion rates and the success of your Adwords campaign will go through the roof instead of dropping through the floor.

Marketeer Defining Success Target Media Prospecting Wireless Bridge Business Services Online

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Marketeer Defining Success Target Media Prospecting Wireless Bridge Business Services Online

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