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Prospecting Affordable SEO Services for Small Business Digitalization of Business iMailing Mass Marketing

The most important result for any company’s email marketing campaign is to get more people to visit their website. The goal for utilizing email marketing in your overall marketing strategy is to provide visitors with a quality experience and ultimately convert them into paying customers. Here’s how to increase traffic to your website using email marketing. 

Grow an Engaged Email List

A successful email marketing campaign starts with quality contacts. The best way to gain quality contacts is through an opt-in program. People can sign up for your email subscription to know that the emails you collect are from people interested in what you are selling. With this approach, you will not only see an increase in your website traffic, but it will also increase repeat visits from quality leads. 

Organize Your Contacts Based on Interest

If you want to share content with your audience that they want to read, pay close attention to their interests. When you create your website, the opt-in form allows potential subscribers to check off the areas they are interested in. They only receive information that applies to their likes. 

Optimize the Experience for Mobile Users

Relevant content will only be useful if presented in a format that your readers can quickly consume. The best way to do this is to use a responsive email template. These adapt to the size of the screen being used to view the email. You also want to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile readers because of your audience must see things in a nice, easy-to-read format.

Track the Analytics of the Email and Website

Having strong open and click rates is a good sign that your emails are being well received. With the analytics, look for opportunities to go further and think about how the emails you post affect your overall business goals.

Focus on Consistency

After you get the basics down, the most important thing that you can do is be reliable. Always try to send your emails out at the same time during the week. This can help encourage your subscribers to look forward to your emails. Occasionally sending out emails will never work and being consistent. Create an email marketing plan to help you stick to sending out emails regularly. 

How To Best Use Email Marketing

The Money Is On The List! I’m sure you’ve heard that saying, and it is very true, if you have an online business, then you should build a list of subscribers. Email marketing is a powerful tool to grow your business and your profits. A good email marketing campaign can increase your profits by eight times more. With email marketing, there are some points you need to learn to be successful, such as understanding the typical buying cycle, using follow-up emails, and using backend sales.

Understanding the Buying Cycle

Around 99% of visitors to a website will not buy the first time they visit the site. Although they don’t buy when they first visit the site, they may still be interested in the product you are selling but are still considering their options.

If a visitor comes to your website and then just leaves, you are losing a potential sale. Even though they are not ready to buy just yet, you can still profit from that visitor by capturing their details so you can follow up with them and possibly make a future sale.

Using Follow Up Emails

If 99% of visitors leave your site without buying, you are only getting a 1% sales conversion. Wouldn’t you like to change that 1% conversion rate to perhaps as much as 8% conversion? Capturing your visitor’s details and using follow-up emails can increase that conversion rate by as much as 800% to an 8% conversion.

Many people won’t buy a product because they don’t know who you are or trust you; after all, this is the first time they have visited your website. By capturing their email address, you can follow up with emails over time and build trust with those people. When a person knows and trusts you from your emails, they may decide to purchase your product.

Using Backend Sales

As well as purchasing the original product you are selling, your subscribers may also buy other products from you in the future, which will increase your profits even further. Promoting other products or services after the original sale is called your backend sales.  

Backend selling is where the real money is made in online business. Many Internet Marketers miss out on many profits by neglecting to sell backend products and only focusing on one product.

For example, let’s say the major product you promote sells for $50, and you make 50 sales a month for a total monthly profit of $2500. To increase profits, many business owners would focus on increasing the number of sales that they make each month.

But what if you took the backend sales approach instead. What if you tried to sell another product to those existing 50 customers, let’s say a $200 product. If 20% of those customers bought the second $200 product, you would have an extra profit of $2,000.

That extra $2,000 profit will come without too much extra work as you already have the details from those customers who have bought the original product and they already know and trust you.

Another option could be to sell a membership product to those original 50 buyers. What if you offered a program that costs another $50 a month membership? If 50% of those 50 people joined that membership program, you would make $1,250 extra profit, not only for that month but every month until they left the program.  

If even just 10 of those people remained members for 12 months, that is $6,000 profit for a year. If you have ten extra people joining your membership program every month, that profit will grow higher and higher.

So you can see that a backend product or membership program can be extremely profitable for your business. It is often easier to sell to your existing customers than to find new customers.

Email marketing is necessary for any online business if you want to build your business and achieve high profits.  

Building a relationship with your customers is best to sell more products and build a good, solid customer base. Understanding how and when customers buy, how to use follow-up emails, and implement backend sales will take your business to a whole new level.

Important Things You Need to Know to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Did you know that there are around 269 billion emails sent out every day? That’s much competition for you to gain your audience’s attention. That’s why it’s critical for you to learn how to run an email marketing campaign the right way, so you can reach your audience and keep their interest. Here are some of the most important things you need to know to run a successful email marketing campaign.

Know Your Goals

All good marketing strategies start with setting goals, and email marketing is no different. To run a successful email marketing campaign, you need to think about what you want to achieve. Here are some typical goals for an email marketing campaign.

  • Welcoming new subscribers
  • Boosting engagement
  • Nurturing existing subscribers
  • Re-engaging subscribers
  • Segmenting your subscribers

You can create your email marketing goals according to your overall conversion goals. 

Understanding the Different Email Types

Along with knowing your goals, you also have to understand the different emails you can send out. While people group these in different ways, here are the three critical types of emails.

  • Promotional emails – these emails talk about sales and offers and are self-promotional.
  • Relational emails – these give subscribers what you’ve promised them, like a gift, weekly newsletter, or relevant information that they can use.
  • Transactional emails – these include subscriber sign-up confirmations, welcome messages, order or purchase confirmations. 

Know Your Audience

Suppose you’re just getting started with email marketing. In that case, you’re going to have to make some educated guesses if you want to target your content. After you send out your first campaign, you’ll collect subscriber information so you’ll have better data to work with for your next campaign. You can gather data from Google Analytics or Facebook Insights to get demographics, interests, locations, and other pertinent information to give you a better snapshot of your audience. 

Use the Right Technology

The best email marketing services you can use will have tools to help you create more successful email marketing campaigns. Some features that you want to look for are easy campaign creation and automation, integrations with software you already use, ways to segment your audience, and in-depth analytics on performing your email campaigns. 

Understanding these four essential aspects of email marketing will help you get started on the right track to creating a successful marketing campaign for your business.

Prospecting Affordable SEO Services for Small Business Digitalization of Business iMailing Mass Marketing

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Prospecting Affordable SEO Services for Small Business Digitalization of Business iMailing Mass Marketing

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