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Rabbit Toy Ideas

Your rabbit will enjoy a wide variety of activities that will help him (her) stay active and satisfied. You may already have that you can use many items to create toys for him without going out and buying anything expensive and fancy. Here are some ideas for toys that your rabbit will enjoy playing with.


When you think of toys for your rabbit, think of toys he can chew on. Rabbits need lots of chewing to keep their teeth sharp. They enjoy munching on anything from toilet paper rolls to cardboard boxes. You can use small cereal boxes or even salt boxes with all salt and metal parts removed.

Willow Balls

Willow balls are easily found at the craft store. These pretty items are often used in home décor. However, they also make a great toy for rabbits, toys that can easily be pushed and batted around at will.

Pellet and Hay Sock

You can put to use any clean, old sock for this rabbit toy that no longer has a match. Insert some pellets and hay, and tie it up to the end. You can use a ribbon or tie a knot at the end of the sock if it is long enough. Your rabbit will enjoy throwing this around.

Stuffed Animals

Because rabbits often groom each other when living in groups, they will usually do the same to a stuffed animal put into their cage. Choose a clean stuffed animal and remove all tags, plastic, and metal from it before giving it to them. Then put it into the cage and watch them play with their new stuffed friend.

Digging Sandbox

Some rabbits love to dig. If your rabbit is one of these types, purchase a long, flat container; a plastic one that is sold with a lid works well. You want the sides to be high enough to allow the sand to stay contained but low enough that you can slide it under a piece of furniture when not in use if you wish. 

Many plastic container brands carry long, flat containers that are specifically made to slide under beds as extra storage, and these are wonderful for this purpose. Fill the bottom of the container with sand, and let your rabbit use it while you supervise.

Muffin Tin Surprise

This is a fun little game that your rabbit will enjoy playing, and he will enjoy the rewards at the end as well. Take a muffin tin, and then sprinkle some dry treats in the bottom of each indent. Cut circles out of thick card stock paper that is just a little bigger than each of the holes, and then poke two holes in each circle. 

Using a thick string, guide it through each of the two holes and bring the ends back together, tying the ends together to form a circular string. Place the circles on top of each muffin tin hole, and allow your rabbit to seek the treats beneath each of the circles.

Rabbits are curious critters and love to play. Create some more fun for your rabbit to spice up his daily life. By making these toys for your rabbit, he will indulge in many significant moments.

Rabbit Toy Ideas

Rabbit Toy Ideas

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