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Secrets of Creating Social Backlinks to Attract High Quality Traffic

Social Backlinks are one of the most influential forms of search engine optimization. Social networking are online tools that permit the generation or sharing/ exchange of ideas, concepts, interests, and various forms of expression through virtual online communities and online networks. With social networking, webmasters can have an open forum for discussions on many different subjects. In addition, users can create profiles that include their thoughts, experiences, hobbies, views, opinions, and any other sort of input that their audience may be interested in.

It is quite easy to create social backlinks with website submission to thousands of websites and social networking sites, but generating social backlinks to get better search rankings can be a difficult task. To achieve optimum search engine results, you must be able to generate social backlinks from high page ranking sites, relevant to your niche. The following are some of the best ways to generate social backlinks to get better search rankings.

  • Submit to social news and forums. Posting or subscribing to social news and forums are excellent ways of generating social backlinks because of the social signals you receive from the community members and participants. Remember to add your web address and social signals to your profile page so that visitors can visit you easily. If you cannot post comments in forums, at least add your URL so that visitors can be directed to your social profile.
  • Integrate Facebook Page and Blog into your Marketing Campaign. Many online marketers fail to integrate Facebook Page and WordPress blog in their overall online marketing campaigns. These two social networking sites are the best platforms to promote your products and services in a comprehensive manner. You can use Facebook Page and WordPress Blog to create unique visual content such as videos and images that would enhance the appeal of your product.
  • Use Facebook Page to promote and advertise your business. One important rule for all marketers is to include each of your social profiles to your business website. For example, if you have a Facebook Page, you can include it on your blog, too. Every social media site has an option to include your profile and links to your Facebook Page. It is recommended to include all social media sites in your online marketing campaign because it will help you build more links and traffic to your website. This will also increase your chances to reach a wider range of people.
  • Follow other Twitter users. Twitter is a good way of building social backlinks because of the great number of followers you can get. Every time you tweet something on Twitter, there are new links coming in your direction. Add your Facebook Page URL and linked social content to your tweets because every time you post a tweet, it is sent to your Facebook Page and vice versa.
  • Create visual content such as videos or images. Videos and visual content are fast becoming viral across the social networks. Most websites allow viewers to share their content by posting a URL and others can view them via a social network. To create social backlinks fast, submit your website link and include your social profile link in your videos or images to make them more visible to viewers.

The importance of social backlinks cannot be overlooked by internet marketers because these serve as quality backlinks. They give readers a way to reach your website and tells them how to get more information from you. They also tell readers who the author of the post is, so if they find your posts useful, they would share them with friends and this would grow your social network.

However, if you do not take care of your social backlinks, you might not get the targeted audience you want. Therefore, to ensure that your backlinks generate targeted traffic, you need to focus on the quality of your content and on submitting them only to high-quality social media sites such as Facebook, Digg and Twitter. Once you have high-quality social backlinks, you will be able to draw traffic from these sources and build up your audience and business.

Secrets of Creating Social Backlinks to Attract High Quality Traffic

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