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If you are planning for the promotion of your business or website, then you should definitely know the answer to this question – “what should I buy backlinks”. This is one of the most important steps taken for the promotion of your website. It’s very essential as it determines the fate of your online business. Hence, they should be present in your site to outpace your competitors. The best site to buy backlinks from is many.

There are several factors that determine the quality of the backlinks you purchase. Ideally, the long-term result should outweigh the short-term result when you are engaged in link buying. Here, have listed out the top 10 backlink service providers, from which you can procure backlinks as per your web promotion needs.

  • AHREFs: All you need to know about AHREFs is their amazing benefits. You should consider buying backlinks from these websites if you are an expert in the field of content management. The best thing about these websites is that they allow you to manage multiple websites at a single time. You should be very particular while choosing the websites that will host your blogs and other related websites. You should not choose any website without first verifying the reputation and track record of the website hosting it.
  • Diggit: Diggit is considered one of the most popular social bookmarking sites today. Here you will find various different categories of websites. People vote for the websites that interest them. Hence, the more popular a website is, the better chance it will have a high rated vote. You should opt for the websites that get good quality backlinks from authority websites. In addition to this, you should avoid posting any controversial article or blog post.
  • Diggity: Diggity is another popular website ranking tool where users submit best- voted articles. If you want to rank for the keyword “Diggity”, just create original content in the form of a video or images and submit them in the appropriate category. Once you become popular, there will be lots of people who would vote for you. In fact, many people do actually manage to get the desired results in the form of backlinks and serps.
  • Paid Link Packages: You should consider purchasing backlink packages from the various search engine companies. You can also find many third party companies offering similar services as well. The only difference between them is the prices. You should opt for the package that suits your budget. For instance, if you own a business, you should purchase their monthly SEO link packages since their approach makes more sense than the other packages offered by other companies. Also, if you have no problem spending money, then you should purchase the full packages offered by some of the big name search engine companies.
  • Search Engine Optimization takes time: Many people believe that search engine optimization takes time. However, the reality is that you should work on it consistently over a period of time. There is no point of buying backlinks or SEO link packages if you are not willing to dedicate your time to the task.
  • Good link building service: A good quality backlink building service should ensure that the directory that they offer a large number of high quality links. In addition to this, the service should also ensure that these links are not placed on any black pages. This ensures that your SEO efforts will not be under the scanner of major search engines. This is because black pages do not enjoy the level of quality backlinks that some major directories enjoy. Therefore, if you want to improve your page rank, then you should consider outsourcing your link building efforts to a reputed link building company.
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