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The Basics of Link Pyramids

The Basics of Link Pyramids

A link pyramid is a great way to build backlinks. Google has even developed a pyramid strategy to encourage link diversity. Here are the basics of the Link Pyramid. These links are grouped into three categories: base, mid-grade, and top-quality. Base links are the majority of a website’s links and are usually from low-quality sources, such as niche article sites, social bookmarking sites, comments on blogs, and deep inner pages of a site.

Link pyramid is a system to build backlinks

If you are thinking of using the link pyramid to build backlinks, you will need to have a clear idea about what it involves. It is a system to build backlinks that involves a chain of backlinks from the main site to other pages on the same website. The backlinks should be elaborate and logical. If you are not confident with your marketing skills, you can hire a special trade to do it for you. These people are experts in bringing websites to the top in a short period of time.

It encourages link/traffic diversity

There are a few benefits of linking to web 2.0 properties and promoting link diversity. A web 2.0 property may contain a high number of links, resulting in a diverse link profile. Pyramid links are not confined to any specific format, but they tend to be one degree removed from the main URL. Generally, they are best avoided as they are not as beneficial to the ranking of a site as they may seem.

It’s a strategy developed by Google

The principle of building a link pyramid can be explained by using a hierarchy of related links. The top level of the pyramid is the site you’re trying to rank. The lower level of the pyramid are low-PR or PR0 links. These links link to higher-quality backlinks, which get indexed and pass on link juice. At the bottom level, the site you’re trying to rank is linked to a lower-PR page.

It’s used for SEO

A website that employs the Pyramid backlink technique is one that has good content with relevant keywords. The content should be engaging, enticing, and informative. The website that uses the Pyramid backlink technique will also make use of social media to announce its content. The social media traffic will be beneficial to the website, as it will also contain the main keyword and side keywords. This strategy will help to boost the site’s ranking for relevant keywords.

It’s a strategy developed by MyDigitalSketch

MyDigitalSketch has devised a powerful strategy that will help you generate high-quality links for your website. It involves building a pyramid-like structure of in-content contextual links that will increase your website’s authority and maintain your natural link profile. The company’s innovative strategies include insight-driven techniques, impactful creatives, and performance marketing. To learn more about this strategy, read on.

The Basics of Link Pyramids

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