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To Make Money Internet Marketing

If your online marketing strategy isn’t working, you might need to introduce some technology to your website.

If your current marketing promotions are going well, you might improve them even more with some added technology.

Fancy bells and whistles on a website just for fun aren’t the types of technology that will help you increase sales and grow your business. But technology designed to do some particular things can make quite a difference.

If you sell products, there are some website enhancements you’ll want to consider in your online marketing strategy.

Of course, you must have clear pictures of your products, ideally with more than one picture per product. You’ll want the customer to click the picture and enlarge it to see the product even more clearly.

There’s no real technology involved with that. But to give the customer the closest experience possible to actually pick up and examine the product, look into the software that allows you to show 3D images on your website.

The customer can click on the image or a slider bar and drag it to reverse the image around to get a better feel for the object. This online marketing strategy is becoming more popular as companies realize how effective it is.

You could also look into the software that allows a customer to hold the mouse pointer over an image and zoom into it. This usually also allows the customer to move the mouse and see various parts of the object incredibly close.

Remember, in your online marketing strategy, everything you do to bring the customer closer to the item they want to purchase will increase the likelihood of a sale.

You’ll also want to ensure that your shopping cart and checkout system are as straightforward and easy as you can make it. Any slight hangup, delay, or problem is just one more reason for the customer not to buy from you.

If you don’t sell products but services or information instead, don’t discount the addition of pictures to your website.

Screenshots are beneficial when selling software, for instance. While adding pictures doesn’t require much technology, you’ll want to give your website more appeal by adding sound and video.

For instance, when you’re selling a service, a video of someone explaining the service in a friendly, casual tone can go a long way toward giving a customer a positive impression.

Even audio clips the customer can listen to that breakdown concepts into simple steps can be an important part of your online marketing strategy.

A video that shows screenshots and still shots and a person speaking or showing something can be effective. Get the software necessary to make these recordings.

Don’t forget how annoying it can be to have something suddenly start playing, though, so give the customer the option. Then add them to your website as part of your technology online marketing strategy.

Adwords Elite How to Make Money Online With a Home Study Course

Adwords Elite is a home study program put together by Jason O’Brien, showing you how to begin making $200 a day within one week of starting the course.

Does it sound incredible? Well, it gets even better. You’re not going to be working 14 hour days to earn this kind of money. Jason shows you how to do it in less than 2 hours a day.

Jason uses Google Adwords to drive traffic to affiliate sites. If this sounds like “mumbo jumbo” to you, read on anyway because it could make you a lot of money.

When you type a search term into Google’s search engine, two types of listings pop up. One is the organic search results which Google’s computer programs have determined to be the best matches for your search terms. You can’t pay Google to get these rankings.

But, some ads appear on the search page. These are also determined by the search term a user enters. But, an advertiser can buy these ads, which are listed above the organic results and on the right-hand side.

These ads have a 25 character headline and two 35 character lines of copy, plus a link to a website. That’s not much space to get your point across.

Yet, some people have mastered the art of short copy, and they turn it into empires.

They do this by promoting affiliate products. Affiliate marketing is simply connecting buyers to sellers. The seller pays you a middleman fee to drive traffic to their site. In some digital products, the middleman fee is up to 75% of the total purchase price.

Adwords Elite is a complete guide to conquering Google Adwords using affiliate marketing strategies.

Many beginners find that they lose money using pay-per-click techniques such as Adwords.

They either get no clicks at the price they will pay or get too many clicks that don’t convert into sales. Either way, you’re pouring money down the drain.

Adwords Elite helps you to zero in on the best converting keywords. You’ll learn how to filter out the losers. You’ll also learn how to write ads that people can’t help but click on.

There’s a little-known technique for getting higher rankings while paying less than the advertisers under you. Adwords Elite reveals this secret for the first time.

The best part about Adwords Elite is that it provides a step-by-step plan that anyone, no matter how much experience they have, can follow to make money right away with Google.

Benefit With Top Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

You might think that the best eCommerce marketing strategy is advertising. Banner ads, one-line text links, and larger graphic ads on websites and newsletters are ways to advertise.

It’s usually a fairly expensive way, though. Especially if you have the graphics made to be eye-catching, like animations that are sure to get people to notice them. 

But just because someone notices the person doing cartwheels on your graphic ad, that doesn’t mean they’re going to click it. 

And many people are so annoyed by ads, particularly moving, flashy ones, that they run software that automatically blocks them from ever having to see such things. How are you going to reach them?

And even those who see your ad, what percentage of them is likely interested in whatever you’re selling? Like a billboard on a highway with everyone passing, few are actually going to be looking for what’s in the advertisement. 

So if you base your eCommerce marketing strategy on those kinds of ads, it’s kind of like throwing rocks into a crowd and hoping you accidentally hit someone.

You can implement techniques in your eCommerce marketing strategy, though, that is very focused and take much of the randomness and guesswork out of your plan. Search engine optimization is an important part of your strategy. 

This will help you design your content and web pages to get noticed by the search engines. You’ll focus each page on certain keywords surrounding your business, and when someone’s searching on that phrase, your company comes up high in the search engine results.

At least that’s it in theory. In reality, it’s not nearly so simple. Just optimizing the content, you already have will definitely help. But the key to this type of eCommerce marketing strategy is to show new content regularly. This shows the search engines that the website is active and updated regularly with keyword-rich content. 

As far as the search engines are concerned, this makes one site more valuable and vital than another site with similar content that’s not updated as often. So an important part of your eCommerce marketing strategy should always be new content that’s also search engine optimized.

Four- to five hundred words on each keyword is a good plan, at least to start with. And you must take care to make sure this content isn’t just attractive to search engines but important to people, too. 

Gone are the days when a site could list keywords or be filled with gibberish full of keywords to get good rankings. Now the content must be there for more than just your ranking. 

So your eCommerce marketing strategy has to address the quality of the content, not just how many times a keyword might appear within it.

Whereat one time, a simple repetition of the keyword many times in a row might have attracted a good ranking; you should avoid this in your eCommerce marketing strategy because search engines recognize most of these tricks.

Discover The Secret To Specific Campaign Internet Marketing

Whether you’ve already got a campaign internet marketing plan in effect or you’re just starting, it’s vitally important for you to understand what your target market wants.

This is true of any marketing campaign, whether it’s online or at the small store on the corner. And it’s never been truer of the niche businesses online today.

When you have a business aimed at a certain target market, identifying that target market is the most important first step. But once you know whom to market your products or services to, where do you go from there?

Aside from just getting yourself in front of your target market, how do you better narrow things down to appeal to those within that market who might want or need your product or service now?

With a campaign internet marketing plan that knows what your customers want and appeals to them on that level.

So you already know your target market. Whether your target market is made up of pet owners, whether they’re people in the market for new electronic equipment, or they’re people who want to make money online, you have to figure out what exactly they want within those general groups to get to this level of detailed campaign internet marketing.

A pet owner, for instance, will want to take good care of the pet’s health. They’ll want their pet to live a long, happy life, have fun, be comfortable.

They’ll also want the pet to behave and not make messes in the house by pottying indoors or chewing things up. Pick a want and appeal to it for an especially effective specific campaign internet marketing.

If you want to market potty training pads, books about potty training dogs, or a CD-ROM with an instructional video on board, then take the customer’s desire to potty train a dog and appeal to it when promoting the products.

Break down why they might want what they want. When it comes to potty training a dog, they want to keep their floors clean and avoid the sight and smell of a puppy mess indoors.

And maybe they want to be able to say how quickly and easily the dog was trained, to boast on the animal’s intelligence. Use that in your campaign internet marketing. Advertise the product by pointing out that it can help them avoid odors and messes.

Point out how it will teach their dog to behave so that it will help the customer avoid those things, and point out that it can do so more quickly than if the customer attempts to potty train the animal without it.

For campaign internet marketing, people who want to make money online think of why they want to do so. Do they want to quit their job, take more vacations, spend more time with family?

The best campaign internet marketing strategy is to take each reason and devise a way to convince the customer that your product or service will help them achieve it.

Google Rank Check How to See the Value Google Places on Your Page

Do you want to do a Google rank check? Google’s page rank is a patented algorithm. Google considers more than half a billion variables when determining your rank on the search results.

No one person knows what all of these variables are – not even the person who oversees the code. So, anyone claiming to be a Google rank check authority should be viewed with caution.

Still, there are some things we do know about how page rank works.

Google flat out says that pages they believe are important get a higher page rank than others. Pages with higher rank tend to appear higher in the search results, though you will see page rank 5 pages occasionally ranking higher than page rank 7 pages for a specific search.

Google also sees the links on a page acting as a “vote” for other pages.

So, if a highly ranked page links to your site, you get more “juice” out of it than when a friend with no page rank links to your site.

Most experts agree that backlinks from .gov and .edu sites have higher link juice than other top-level domains because they are restricted to not-for-profit sites.

One way to get .edu links is to take out online ads on college newspaper sites.

But, any links from PR 2 or higher sites can help your page rank. One way to get links is to post comments with decent page rank. But make sure that Google “follows” the links on the page first.

Some webmasters set their sites up so that you don’t get any link juice from your posts. You can do this by downloading free software on the internet.

Other ideas for increasing page rank include:

  • Join forums and post a link back to your website in your signature. Every time you make a post, you’ll get link juice.
  • Submit your site to directories. Each directory that lists you will give you more of a chance of being listed higher in Google’s search results.
  • Add an ezine to your site. Not only will this allow you to keep up with the people who visit your site, but you can also post information about your ezine to ezine directories.
  • Publish articles on the article sites. You can drive traffic to your sites this way. But, high PR article sites also give you link juice.
  • Create a sitemap on your website. This lets Google know how to index your page.
  • Link to other pages within your website. Putting links to the internal pages within the website allows you to increase your link juice.
  • Continue building pages within your site. Every page you create and link back to your home page increases your home page’s PR strength.

A Google rank check will allow you to know how your site is faring compared to similar sites.

How Business Home Internet Marketing Promotion Can Work For You

It’s survival of the fittest on the Internet. Smaller home businesses need to find a good business home internet marketing promotion or two if they succeed in the big hunt for customers.

Home businesses do not have a lot of the resources that their more established competition has, so the home businesses will have to find shrewd ways to use a little and make it go a long way.

Fortunately, you can make a brief stretch a long way with the Internet. Killing two birds with one stone is entirely possible.

One incredible resource that many have at their disposal is using forums and message boards. There are many ways that these can be used to let your product or service be known to a wider group of people and help make you a better hunter.

If you are going to have your home business survive but thrive, get better at finding your customers, but you can learn better what bait to use and what promotional tactics will work to capture your customers.

Using these forums, you can find a large range of people interested in what you are doing.

Taking part in discussions is a great way to let people know that you are someone that they can listen to that has good and valuable insight into needs that they have.

Those bits of information that you share are the bait that you offer. Give them just enough to get their mouths watering, and then make your product/service available for them to bite.

Another incredible way to use the forums is to see what things are working and not working as far as business home Internet marketing promotion goes.

You may have in your head that you know the best way to go after customers, but after visiting these forums, you can find that some may be using the same strategy and are failing with it or finding ways that are different from yours that are working.

Sometimes you will find that what you want to do will work, but you find ways in the forums to tweak it just a little to fine-tune your aim.

As a hunter, you will find that animals will change their pattern from time to time. You will see trails that have been used for some time will be avoided because the hunted know that their lives are in danger.

Fish will get used to certain baits and start avoiding them. Weather conditions will change and affect how the animals behave.

There may even be some laws that change that effect where you can or can’t hunt. Things that happen from time to time that affect the success of the hunter.

The same thing is true with those hunting customers. Changes take place in what effectively captures the attention of those who will buy what you offer.

It could be that people like certain qualities or traits now that they didn’t last week or season.

It could be that new bells and whistles come along or that laws change, making it necessary to find new ways to go after them. You can know all of this early on if you surround yourself with those knowledgeable about business home internet marketing promotion.

Don’t just survive; learn to thrive. Internet forums are valuable resources for business home internet marketing promotion and learning how to be a better hunter.

How to Choose a Word Press Theme that Makes You Money Quickly

There are many WordPress themes. Choosing one that will enhance the quality of your links and the propensity of people to buy is a task you need to undertake if you want to make money online.

WordPress themes are available free online if you search. The trick is that you have to leave the link to the developer intact. If you don’t want to lose any link juice, you can have a wordpress theme developed just for you.

Here are some things to look for in a WordPress theme – how to choose the best one, in other words.

  • Probably the most important thing is that the browser is compatible across browsers. When you build a site, look at it in Internet Explorer as well as Firefox. Check it out on PCs and Macs if you can. You don’t want anyone’s experience on your website to be diminished because the theme is not compatible with their browser.
  • The next feature you want to look for is the ability to add widgets to your word press theme. One of the prominent features of the word press software is the availability of add-on scripts called widgets. These are extremely easy to upload. But, if your theme can’t handle widgets easily, it’s not worth it, even if it has a nice look.
  • You want your word press theme to load quickly. If people have to wait seconds to see your site, they will click the back button before you have the chance to make your case. If you are using a free theme, try loading someone else’s site that uses the theme before you take the trouble to put it on your own site. If the CSS is compressed, this can speed page load time.
  • Is the theme SEO optimized? It doesn’t matter how good your content is if the search engines can’t find it. Some things to check for as far as SEO compatible themes include an emphasis on content rather than graphics, have HTML validation, and should display post extracts on archive and category pages.
  • Make sure your word press theme has a search capability. This is a basic item, but some themes still don’t have compatibility for search.
  • Is the theme already overused? If too many marketers are already using the theme, your website might have a “me too” feel.
  • If you plan to have ads on your site, either banner ads or Adsense, ensure that the theme supports them in its design.
  • Finally, can you grow with the design? As your site develops, will you be able to keep the same look and feel? You don’t want to surprise existing viewers with a new theme without a strategic marketing reason.

Choose wisely when selecting a word press theme. How you make money off your site may depend on the theme you pick.

How to Improve Your Adsense Conversion Rates and Increase Your Profit

Why do some website owners find that they only get a 1 percent Adsense conversion rate while others report a 20 percent or better average? Adsense conversion depends on many factors, and there are many things you can do on your website to increase the number of click-throughs.

First of all, what is Adsense?

When people buy ads on Google, they can also place the ads on the content network. Actually, they default to placing the ads on the content network and remove that option if they only place the ads on Google’s search pages. These ads on Google are called Adwords.

On the other hand, Adsense is Google’s word for you, the website owner, who places their ads on your pages. You get a percentage of the amount of money that Google gets for each ad.

Of course, people have actually to click on the ad for you to get paid. So, your job as an Adsense merchant is to do two things. First, you have to get people to come to your site, and then you have to get them to click on the ads on your page.

Getting people to your site is beyond the scope of this article, but I am going to show you how to get people to click on your ads.

First of all, you want to have laser-focused content. A blog about your life where you talk about breaking up with your girlfriend one day and about memories about fishing with your grandpa the next will not make much money. If you want to slap Adsense on a blog to make a few pennies, that’s okay. But as a business model, it stinks.

Instead, create a website or blog around one highly focused, high-earning concept. For instance, a site about car insurance or personal injury law will make more money than a site about hummingbird feeders. It’s a matter of supply and demand.

Next, you want to have a lot of pages of content. Articles over 500 words perform better. People feel like they’ve gotten some “meat” from your site and don’t hit the back button as quickly.

You should have at least 20 pages of content on each Adsense site, and many have hundreds of pages. Not only does that give a visitor multiple places to enter, but they can also navigate within your site to have a good experience. Then, when they click away, it will likely be through one of your Adsense links rather than through a back button.

The look of your site also matters. You don’t want the ads to “blend in.” Make the links stand out so people will know to click them.

Many studies have shown that the 250×250 leader box put flush left under the headline with the article wrapped around converts the best.

Of course, do your own testing on all of these features. Adsense is a moving target. The only way to stay on top of Adsense Conversion is to monitor your performance continually.

Huge Benefits of Business To Business Marketing

Business-to-business marketing has advantages over marketing to consumers that make marketing even easier.

Business to business companies markets their products and services to businesses rather than consumers in general. Some of the most successful businesses only supply to other businesses.

This is one of the most lucrative business models possible today, and it has proven to be especially profitable when the business is conducted online.

If you’re considering going into business providing products or services, then you’ll want to look into operating a business-to-business company.

With online business-to-business operation and marketing, many of the expenses of running a traditional business are gone or greatly reduced. This positively affects all the other aspects of running the company.

Less expense means less time spent managing the money going out and more money for important things like business-to-business marketing and promotion. No company will succeed without an advertising and promotion budget.

And like many large, worldwide corporations have shown, the more money spent advertising, the more people become familiar with the brand. That breaks down into more customers and more profit.

A company that does its business chiefly online won’t need the storefront that a traditional business does.

And the company that relies on business-to-business marketing wouldn’t benefit from a traditional storefront anyway. Since traditional customers won’t be coming in and out browsing goods or asking about services, the need for a traditional shop area is eliminated.

This drops overhead costs dramatically. There’s no vast warehouse or building to pay heating, cooling, and lighting bills on, and no need for insurance to protect customers.

There’s also no need to pay a staff to operate such a store, eliminating many of the expenses associated with being an employer.

An online company that chiefly exists through business-to-business marketing may still have employees and some expenses. Still, the lack of a storefront will reduce the costs associated with managing employees.

Now, money that you would have spent on necessities like payroll and utilities can be better-spent business-to-business marketing and increasing the customer base.

The promotion expense is also lessened with this business model because it’s so much easier to identify a target market. There’s not as much need to figure out exactly which consumer to market to as there would be with most consumer products.

With business-to-business marketing, what you’re offering to business automatically identifies your target markets for you.

If you’re selling general business products like paper or office supplies, then your market is large and wide open, and you’d do best finding a particular angle to market your products to each specific industry. But if you choose a product or service that’s very specialized, your marketing research is simplified a great deal.

The internet is great for b2b marketing because of its word-of-mouth properties. While many of your customers will find you thanks to your business-to-business marketing and promotion, many more will come because of social networking.

Incredible Importance Of Marketing Positioning

When you’re trying to promote your business and its products or services, don’t overlook your marketing positioning.

You’ve identified your target market, done your keyword homework, monitored and tweaked your various promotional strategies, so you’re off on the right foot.

But there are more things to consider to really promote your brand and see your company succeed. Positioning yourself within your market can make a huge difference in sales and your customer base.

Many people new to marketing might not even know what marketing positioning is. It’s simply how your customers and potential customers perceive you. You might think this is something out of your hands.

While it’s true that each person sees things through his or her own filter and makes his or her own opinions, there’s a lot you can do to position your company in a more favorable light. This is where marketing becomes less about your company specifically and a little more about the entire market in general.

Consider the environment in your particular market right now. What problems does your industry face at the moment? Is there a downturn industry-wide, or is business booming? Are customers’ needs being met, or is there room for improvement in certain areas?

Also, think about how your competition uses marketing positioning to improve their business and how costly and inconvenient it is for customers to switch from one company or one brand to another; if you find that a hindrance, make it easier for customers to come to you.

Now, focus on your business. Think about what sets you apart from your competitor and what advantages your company has over your competitors. Compare your prices, convenience, level of service, and even company size.

Do you have excellent customer service that’s more personal and prompt than the bigger company in your field? Are your prices lower, or your guarantees more iron-clad? How does the quality of your product or service compare with your competition?

When it comes to marketing positioning, you have various choices in how you go about it.

You can focus on specific products or services and their qualities. You can focus on how the customer benefits from them or how and when the product or service can be used.

Identify your target users and appeal directly to them. You can also position yourself against one of your competitors in a comparison situation, or conversely, do everything you can to disassociate yourself from them to avoid comparisons.

Your marketing positioning strategy should focus on which of those options stands out to you as the best and obvious choice.

If your company is smaller than Corporation X, but you give better, faster, friendlier service than such a huge company could ever hope to give, focus on that. Brand yourself as a small business with a heart that listens to customers and portrays larger businesses as out of touch with customers and suffering under the burden of their own size. That’s an example of good marketing positioning.

Online Marketing Promotion

There are several online marketing promotion strategies. You need to find the combination that brings the amount of pre-targeted traffic to your website to make sales.

The big online marketing promotion strategies that I will cover in this article include pay per click, search engine optimization, and article marketing.

Pay per click will give you the quickest bang for your buck. You will be able to evaluate your success immediately when you use PPC. Unfortunately, this means putting some of your money on the line. Google’s Adwords program does not require you to pay for up to a month, but you will be in debt if you don’t make money back immediately.

When you do pay-per-click marketing as a form of online marketing promotion, you write a short ad (usually 90-125 characters) that appears alongside the search results on Google, Yahoo, or MSN. Your ads may also appear on relevant web pages if you don’t turn that feature off.

The position of your ad will depend on a combination of the amount you are willing to pay for each visitor and the percentage of people who see your ad and are willing to click through. Therefore, writing a good ad for low competition keywords is how you make money with pay per click.

Now, you don’t have to pay to show up on Google’s search, but you do have to work for it. You no longer get visitors just because you build a website. You have to entice Google to list you.

If you want Google to list you high in their search rankings, you must do many things on your website and your website to attract the computer programs (also called “spiders”) that Google and the other search engines are run to determine search ranking.

Your site itself must be search engine friendly which involves having the right coding in your HTML and contextually driven content. You should also update your site frequently, adding more pages to improve your search results.

But you also have to build a web of links to your site. You can do this by submitting your website to directories, making blog posts about your website, and posting to classified sites. One of the best ways to build links is to submit articles to article directories.

Article directories have two valuable purposes for online marketing promotion. One is to build links that increase the chance to index your own site in the search engines.

But there is another valuable feature to placing articles about your topic on article directories. Established directories have high page rank themselves, and the article you place will benefit from that.

When someone types in a search term related to your site, it might not show up, but if you have submitted an article to a directory, your article might. Once the person reads the valuable content you have submitted in the article, you will induce them to click through to the website that you list in your resource box. Some of the best article directories include EzineArticles, GoArticles, and IdeaMarketers.

A variation on the article directory is Squidoo. On Squidoo, you create a lens with several short articles and refer visitors to your site for more information. Squidoo also offers various tools such as embedded YouTube videos, polls, and guest books which make it a unique visitor experience.

There are many ways to get visitors to your site. Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, and Article Marketing are three online marketing promotion strategies.

Proven First Step In Ebook Internet Marketing

When creating an ebook internet marketing strategy, identifying your target market is the first and probably most important step to success.

No ebook will interest all people online, so vague and general marketing that isn’t aimed at any specific group will turn out to be mostly a waste of time and money.

Even if the subject of your ebook is very general and you didn’t spend time doing careful evaluations before you wrote it, you’ll want to narrow down your market possibilities to get the most from your ebook internet marketing strategy.

Most people who write an ebook have a market in mind when they do so. If you didn’t, don’t worry, you can find your market now.

Think about who will benefit from your ebook. Will stay-at-home moms get the most out of the household management information, or is your ebook filled with info about how to train a parrot or make money online?

Picture the person who will best want and need the information you’re providing. Then aim your ebook internet marketing strategy at that group of people.

If you, like most ebook authors, already had your audience in mind as you wrote, then it’s just a matter of skipping that step and moving right to targeting your market. What kind of an internet search do you suppose your target market makes regularly.

If your key reader is someone who wants to know how to make extra money online, then they probably search on phrases like “make money online” and “how do I make money online?” These are keywords and keyword phrases that will be an important part of your ebook internet marketing strategy.

Once you determine what your target market wants, whether it’s to do with internet riches or build a solar panel, and come up with a few key phrases they’re likely to put into search engines, the next step is finding a list of keywords.

You can brainstorm and come up with some more valid ones, no doubt. But to really hone your ebook internet marketing strategy, use a keyword tool online.

There are some good free ones out there associated with pay-per-click programs where you can put in a keyword and find several more.

Plugin the best keywords you’ve come up with, and look at the results.

Not only will you be given a huge list of keywords that people have searched on recently, but you’ll also see which are the most popular and how many other websites cater to that keyword.

Pick several of these keyword phrases. Use some that are hugely popular, no matter how many other websites aim at those keywords.

But be sure to choose some keywords that don’t have many website results and aim at those, too. Optimize your website for those keywords by providing content; one page per keyword is a good start that people will find when they search on those phrases.

This ebook internet marketing strategy is a great first promotional step.

To Make Money Internet Marketing

To Make Money Internet Marketing

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