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Tools to Find Domains For Backlinks

Using a tool such as CleverStat to locate backlinking domains can help you determine the quality of links. This tool gives you a link’s domain rating, trust rating, and link rank. The lower the rating, the better. You can also view the page’s link popularity, so you can judge the quality of the link. If the rating is low, it may mean the link is not high-quality.


LinkMiner is a tool for finding backlinks from any website. You can save backlinks as CSV files and export them later. You can also copy the data to your clipboard and analyze backlinks in the source URL. If you don’t want to copy all the data, you can always save them to your Favorites list for future reference. To do this, simply click on the Favorites tab and select a site to export.

LinkMiner can also analyze the power of each backlink. By measuring link power, LinkMiner is able to determine which backlinks are most effective. It does not load all of them automatically, so it focuses on the highest-quality links. You can also narrow down your results by choosing different filtering criteria and saving them for future use. This way, you can be sure that you’re targeting only the best backlinks.

Backlinks can be displayed in descending order of LS. The blue-colored links contain blocks of information depicting the current status of each backlink. The tool also generates images and languages automatically. The last row shows the total number of backlinks shown and the page number. By adjusting the options, you can tailor the results to your exact specifications. There’s a free trial version available to try.


When it comes to backlinks, Majestic SEO is the best way to discover new websites. The site explorer feature lets you explore specific pages and the backlink profile of that site. You can also determine a site’s niche by analyzing its links. You can also find out how many backlinks are pointing to a specific page. By examining the backlinks data, Majestic SEO is able to provide you with valuable information.

The interface is clunky and could use a UX makeover. Once you register, you’ll be taken to a page where you can fill out your business profile and connect your Google Search Console account. However, it can be confusing to navigate the website directory for those without any experience in web design. In addition, it’s possible to get lost trying to determine which domains have the most backlinks to a particular site.

Another feature of Majestic SEO is the anchor text breakdown. This screen shows the percentage of words linked to a site and the type of links. If the link is a reciprocal link, you can add it to Majestic SEO and get credit for the link. If you’re looking to add backlinks to your site, Majestic SEO has an extension for your browser called majesticseo. This extension includes a backlink analyzer that gives you a complete picture of the backlinks on a website.


Semrush is a web analytics tool that measures backlinks and their influence on SEO. The backlinks will be shown as links or domains with different types of anchor texts. The tool provides a full list of backlinks to your website. The backlinks table will be sorted with higher-authority links first. You can also filter out any links that are Nofollow.

The Backlink Audit Tool allows you to search for specific domains and then review their backlinks. Semrush will show you the link value for each of those domains. You can use this information to improve your SEO. In addition, the backlinks are classified as toxic if they are from spammy sites or non-Google indexed sites. However, there are a few exceptions. If the domains are from high-authority sites, it will have a positive impact on your search ranking.

Once you’ve chosen the domains to link to, you can sort by their authority score. The tool is especially helpful for tracking the results of a PR campaign. Semrush also lists the referring domains, allowing you to analyze how high your backlinks rank. A high score means the domains are valuable and relevant to your website’s niche. The tool also displays the total number of backlinks a domain has.


If you’re looking for a tool that will help you find domains for backlinks, then Serpstat might be the one you’ve been waiting for. Its subscription-based pricing model lets you use the tool for as long as you want. For $19 per month, you’ll have access to most of the features. Then, you can upgrade to a higher plan to unlock more features such as tracking keywords, white labeling reports, API access, and extra support levels.

Using Serpstat, you can analyze your competitors and see what kind of backlinks they’ve built. The tool allows you to analyze the keyword rankings of two or three sites at the same time. You can also see which of your competitors’ sites are referred to by these domains. By comparing the two sites, you can see which ones are best suited for your own backlinks.

The interface of Serpstat is clean, with ample white space. The main navigation menu and left sidebar can be expanded to see more options. The tool also provides helpful tutorials and tool tips. With this, you’ll be able to improve your backlinks strategy with ease. But before you can start building backlinks, you must first research the keywords that your competitors use.


RankSignals is a powerful backlink analysis tool. It enables you to discover new link opportunities, improve your link profile, and identify bad and spammy links. The tool also has a backlink explorer that identifies nofollow links. Ahrefs is another backlink analysis tool. It provides all the tools you need to monitor your backlinks and outrank your competitors.

The referring domains feature shows you every domain that has a link to your site. It scores these backlinks according to the Domain Authority, which is a search engine ranking metric. A higher domain authority score is better, as Google rewards high-quality backlinks. In RankSignals, referring domains have a higher score than low-quality backlinks.

RankSignals is free, and is an excellent link-building tool. It shows how many dofollow links your website has and how many unique domains are linking to yours. It also displays the PR of the domain and page, the number of links that lead to it, and the social signals of the domain. It can also tell you which links are spammy and which are not.

Ahrefs can also give you a list of referring domains. By analyzing their links, you can determine which referring domains will be most effective in bringing you more traffic and ranking higher on Google. It also lets you see the referring domains of your competitors. Using this tool can help you eliminate irrelevant links and make the right backlinks for your website.


OpenLinkProfiler is a web analytics tool that ranks websites and shows the most authoritative pages and backlinks for each website. It also tracks and analyses the number of backlinks on each website and lets you export up to 200,000 backlinks per domain. It also allows you to sort the results and view industry and category of individual links. You can then use this information to boost your website’s link popularity.

Another useful tool for backlinks analysis is Ahrefs, but this is more expensive than many other systems. If you’re on a budget, the free version of OpenLinkProfiler can be enough to find hundreds of thousands of domains. It shows page authority, domain authority, and spammy status, and also helps you analyze link quality. Although Ahrefs is the best option for a complete backlink analysis, it’s not free.

OpenLinkProfiler offers up to 200,000 links per report, but you can also download a limited number of backlinks for free. The free version allows you to export as many backlinks as you want, and provides a variety of filters for further analysis. In addition to a massive amount of data, OpenLinkProfiler also displays the nature of the website linking to yours and a list of categories. It also provides the date and anchor page for each link.

Tools to Find Domains For Backlinks

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