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Traffic Without SEO

Diversity makes online marketing sense to find different ways to boost your site traffic without SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Sometimes, it takes much longer for a new site to receive organic traffic without SEO than it receives traffic with SEO. In addition, relying solely on SEO traffic alone isn’t even a good digital marketing best practice at all.

Traffic building doesn’t stop when you’re relying purely on SEO to attract organic traffic without any link building done. Your site will continue to attract visitors if you do things correctly. In other words, you won’t build any links from non-related Web sites and directories unless you want to and have done all the SEO work yourself. SEO gives you a leg up in getting organic traffic without any of the extra work, but you still need to do a little bit of work yourself.

Let’s examine why organic traffic without any SEO is so desirable. In many niches and sub-niches, it’s not uncommon to see no or very little competition. In some cases, competition is fierce. In other cases, people are naturally conservative. So what do you do?

Without any organic search engine optimization, people would naturally gravitate towards guest blogging to get high-quality web traffic without having to do any of the SEO work. Of course, you can’t just go out and start writing guest posts on other people’s blogs. But you can incorporate a few key points into your writing, then ask a question. How does your niche market react to this, and what should they be thinking about?

For instance, you could ask them, “What do you think about paid traffic ads on Instagram? Would it be a good idea for you to include our ads here? Or maybe you’d like to include Facebook ads and Twitter ads here?” As long as you ask prospects and customers relevant questions in the third person, you’ll come across as genuine, and they’ll feel more comfortable giving you their opinion.

It’s also worth asking yourself if you’re using guest blogging to drive traffic without SEO. The answer is almost certainly yes, but why? Because guest blogging is a great way to provide useful information to your readers without doing any SEO. You have a blog, and you have plenty of content already written and available for your readers to peruse. Why not use this free website traffic to help promote your offers?

Also, there are two main ways you can use Facebook ads and Google AdWords to drive traffic without any SEO. You can either create an adverts page and target it at Facebook fans (I use the official Facebook page) or build a targeted email list.

If you’ve built a targeted email list, you can promote your offers from that list by including links to your site in your email list and then inviting them to visit your site to see what you’ve got to offer. Of course, Facebook and Google AdWords aren’t free traffic generators, but they are effective traffic generators when used correctly.

These methods all offer you a good strategy for driving traffic without any SEO because you’re able to talk to your target audience without having to do any SEO. Of course, some SEO will still be needed – like building links and profiles to your site.

However, you’ll soon realize that you don’t need SEO to get leads. The key to success with social media marketing is learning how to talk to your target audience without having to do any SEO! I hope you can take something out of this article to help you achieve your online business goals.

Traffic Without SEO

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