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What Are Website Backlinks?

What are website backlinks? You may have heard the term “backlink” in regards to search engine optimization but you may not be entirely sure what it means. So let’s talk about what backlinks really are.

Backlinks can refer to more than just one source. Essentially, they are links that lead to another website. For example, when you post an article on your website to another website, you’re giving a backlink – a kind of vote for you. (Thanks Internet guru!) The weight or relevance of backlinks depend on the website that’s actually linking to you, the relevance to that website s content, and the other websites content around it. When you have an article posted at your blog that has content on it such as a review of a product or service that you promote, that review could potentially serve as a backlink for your own site.

How do I create my own backlink? There are numerous ways to get backlinks, some more successful than others. Here are some of the most common forms of inbound links that are used in SEO:

Digg is one of the fastest ways to get noticed on the web and one of the best ways to use inbound links to increase your page ranking in Google. Digg pulls a lot of information together in real time and can be found via a simple keyword search. Digg pages get the most juice from being near the top of a search result and by increasing the number of incoming links to your page via Digg you can quickly raise your page ranking and receive tons of traffic at the same time.

Forum Networking is another powerful method that can give you what are called “Digital Marketing Backlinks” or DBM. The benefit of forum backlinks is that they can be found on the website itself, but are much less common when it comes to Google ranking. Basically what happens is that if someone posts a question on a forum, there is a link that can be posted on your website based on the content of the forum post. Your questions and posts will generate several replies and potentially backlinks to your website. This method has been used by virtually every major forum company on the Internet and can be a very effective way to improve your digital marketing positioning.

Directory Submission The second most important method that I will discuss in this article is the concept of Directory Submission. Directory submission is a strategy that enables your websites to gain high ranking, natural organic listings in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. It is an extremely effective way to promote your websites and increase your web traffic. In order for you to take advantage of the power of what are known as “link juice” or backlinks, you need to submit your websites to popular directories. This is a free way to increase your websites popularity and generate what are known as “organic backlinks”“.

Search Engine Optimization If you have read any other articles on the subject, then you will know that SEO is very important and plays a massive part in determining how successful your website will be. It is no different for what are known as “link directories” or backlink directories. In order to make the most of what are known as “link directories”, you need to submit your website to as many of these types of directories as you can. It is very important to understand that each directory has its own rules, requirements, and guidelines, so it is best to research the different types of directories before submitting your website. It is also important to remember that you will need to apply to a number of directories in order to achieve a natural organic high ranking in the search engines.

Blog Posts You might have heard of this technique referred to as “blog posts”. This is another method which is used by SEO experts to gain what are called “dofollow backlinks”“. A “dofollow” backlink is a backlink which actually points directly to another website. These types of backlinks generally work better with websites that have strong web traffic, and often come from blog posts, news stories, or product launches. It is a great way to gain what are known as “natural backlinks”“.

What Are Website Backlinks?

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