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What is a Dofollow Link?

“What is a dofollow link?” is a common question that comes up when you are first learning about search engines and Internet marketing. The short answer is this: A dofollow link is one that the search engines use to determine where a particular page should rank within the search results. A nofollow link, on the other hand, is not used by the engines. This article will explain what a dofollow link is and what it does for search engines.

In simple terms, a dofollow link is just a link that tells the search engines that your website has many other links back to it. For example, if I wrote an article and placed a link at the bottom of the page that had my name, author name and website in it, the search engine will consider this a “dofollow link”. Other people can see this link and may click on it thinking that they are visiting me directly. They end up reading part of my article which is called a “dofollow” link. When these readers click on the link, the search engine sends them back to my website (or whoever created the article) and thus my name and website are listed in their results.

The real trick to what is a dofollow link is to know what kind of backlinks to create and where to create them. A traditional backlink consists of someone’s web page link to another web page. A dofollow backlink, on the other hand, involves creating one’s own web page and getting other websites to link to it. A traditional backlink usually involves using the hyperlink text attribute value to create a backlink; however, with a dofollow backlink, the hyperlink text attribute is unnecessary.

If you haven’t heard about the nofollow keyword, then you’ve probably missed out on some great opportunities to increase your search engine ranking. The nofollow keyword tells search engines that the resource you want to link to does not follow them. This means that if someone searches for something using the words you’re targeting, and you have a relevant nofollow link, then Google will not count it when it comes to ranking your site. So what is a dofollow link?

Well, the short answer to what is a dofollow link is that it’s the text attribute value given to other websites in the social media linking list. In the social media networking world, a nofollow link is a value that tells search engines that your page cannot be found when somebody searches for the particular key phrase you are targeting. Most popular social media websites (Myspace, Facebook, etc.) have a built-in nofollow linking structure that works very well for SEO purposes.

Why is this important? Because Google and other search engines look to see that your backlinks make sense – that your website is a good one to link to, and that other websites recognize this value. Therefore, if you have a lot of high-quality external links pointing to your website, Google will generally give you a higher ranking for your site if those websites see your backlinks as a credible indication that you care about what you are doing. This is why it is so important to get as many nofollow links pointing to your website as possible.

It can take a little bit of time to build up a network of high-quality nofollow links, but it can also be a great way to start getting organic search engine traffic for your site. You just have to remember that in order for these nofollowed backlinks to count as real links with Google, they need to be placed on web pages that are also about your website topic. For example, if you own a blog about fitness, then you should build an HTML or PHP page on your site that has an About the Author section where you include a link to a blog post by you at the end of it. When a user clicks the link in your About the Author section and visits your website, the search engine will consider that your site is about fitness and it will increase your ranking because you have included a link from a credible source. The same thing happens when a user finds your website through one of your backlinks – the search engine sees that your website is relevant and valuable to the person who clicked on your link and marks it up accordingly.

As you can see, there is a bit more to SEO backlinks than most people realize. Nofollow links can actually be quite valuable to your SEO efforts because they are a great way to get more web traffic and establish yourself as an authority on a topic. Remember, you want as many nofollow links pointing to your website as possible because that gives Google and other search engines the impression that your site is of quality content. This can increase your page ranking and increase your link equity.

What is a Dofollow Link?

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