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What Is NoFollow Backlink?

What is a nofollow hyperlink? In simple terms, when any webmaster creates a hyperlink to any other web page, it is considered a nofollow link. (DFR is an acronym for it) If anybody links to any text on another web page, whether it has a link to another web page or not, in default, it’s a nofollow backlink to that page. (For instance, if someone hyperlinks a piece of text in his article, blog post or anyhow else he using web link in his site, then in default, it is considered a nofollow backlink to that page)

The question is why is there is such confusion and difference of view about what is nofollow backlink? Well, backlinks are links to any web page that have been created by any webmaster. These backlinks are created by somebody who has control over the anchor text of the links. So when he create these backlinks he has control over what is now called nofollow hyperlink. But what is now termed as do-follow hyperlink?

As said above, it’s a different type of hyperlink. It means that the link which you now have, is considered as a dofollow link by Google. In simple terms, the search engine treats a nofollow backlinks as a sort of spam or annoyance. That is why Google has introduced what is called a “nofollow tag” to help people understand what a nofollow backlink is and how it works.

When we talk about what is nofollow backlink, the tag which you have used has a very important role. It acts as a connector for all the other nofollow links on your website. No, I’m not talking about the affiliate program nofollow tags, although these are one way of getting around it (I am referring to the nofollow links on article directories only). Basically, the nofollow tag gives the search engine ranking criteria for whatever your website is about; so that you won’t be penalized by Google when people search for certain keywords.

You might be wondering what is nofollow backlink if you are not familiar with it. This is very simple to answer, as Google ranks websites according to the number of inbound links that point to them. If you have numerous incoming links but none of them are from the same source, your website will be ranked lower than other websites. On the other hand, having a single no-follow backlink will give you the same effect as having several incoming links from the same source.

That said, it will be very important for you to create quality backlinks that are also from a good and trusted source. The best way to achieve this is by using article directories. There are a few reasons why article directories are what is nofollow backlink material:

First of all, the content found on these websites are written by real and regular people who are there to share their knowledge. Because they don’t have any interest in getting backlinks from websites that are ranked lower or worse than their own, they tend to write for the audience they are targeting. So, you can be sure that what is nofollow backlinks is what you would usually get if you submitted your articles to directories where your target audiences often visit. Also, most of these directories have what is called a “do-follow” feature where you will actually be allowed to place a manual (not an automatic) link back to your website when you leave your comments.

The last point is important. Yes, what is nofollow backlink material will hurt your rank at Google when you try to submit your website URL to the Google directories. This is because Google wants webmasters to provide quality and relevant content to their readers, and it does not make sense for a webmaster to submit URL’s to directories which are ranked lower than their own. In particular, if you have a large website with a lot of incoming backlinks from other websites, then Google may view those backlinks as suspicious or even spammy. It has always been Google’s policy to monitor all webmaster activity, and this includes checking to see if your links are valid and no-follow backlinks.

What Is NoFollow Backlink?

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