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Why Backlinks Are So Important?

If you’re looking to increase the authority of your brand or gain new customers, building quality links is crucial. Not only can you attract new customers and increase conversion rates, but you can also boost the authority of your website with quality links. Here are a few ways to build quality links and improve your website’s SEO performance. So, why are backlinks so important? Read on to discover why. This article aims to help you decide which links are best for your business.


Dofollow backlinks are links to your website from other websites. These links help increase your website’s popularity in the eyes of the search engine. Moreover, these links are a gateway to your site, which means that search engine robots will visit your website. Hence, the more links you have, the higher your ranking in the search engine results. Here are some ways to get more Dofollow links:


Although sponsored articles may not guarantee you the top spot, they will surely help you improve your SEO. It is better to focus on a few keywords or phrases that already rank in the top 10 and create publications around them. Besides, sponsored articles can boost the power of your website by generating high-quality backlinks. You can use a service like SEMrush to find the top-visited subpages and include them in your publications.


It’s crucial for brands to create user generated content (UGC). This content is valuable not only because it drives traffic to your website, but also because it can serve as social proof throughout the buying process. It can boost customer trust and word-of-mouth marketing. UGC can help your business improve its SEO and convert users into customers. However, it can be difficult to ensure the quality of user generated content. Unless you are careful, you may end up with content that’s inappropriate or created by bots.

Page Authority

While it is impossible to gain a higher Page Authority score without backlinks, a steady flow of new links can boost your score. The more dofollow links you have, the better your page will appear. However, backlinks from spammy sources can lower your Page Authority metrics and result in a Google penalty. To remove these backlinks, use Google’s Disavow Tool. If you are unsure of your domain authority, you can try Moz’s free domain analysis tool or Ubersuggest.

Anchor text

In link building, it’s important to use the right keywords, but you should also use relevant anchor text. Relevance is vital – you don’t want your links to link to a sales page, for example. Google likes high-value content, so you should use it on relevant sites to amp up your anchor text’s strength and increase the chances of attracting relevant search traffic. Listed below are some guidelines for selecting anchor text.

Why Backlinks Are So Important?

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